The Sun & Moon

Never judge one another on rumors.


1. The Sun and the Moon




Far away from the furthest tribe, further than the most distant mountain, there lived the Sun, her rays danced across the sky, colours of all shades and tones stretching out of her arms at sunrise and sunset. She was, of course considered the most beautiful throughout all the realms. But the Moon was jealous. The Moon believed that he was the almighty being, in darkness he brought light, in the daunting hours he guided the tribe people and helped them through their misery, why should Sun, who lights up the sky when its already lit, who burns the faces of the on looking tribe people, who dries out their crops and scalds them through the arduous harvest, get to be the most beautiful one? - All that she does is evil!

Sooner or later, the Sun came to hear of this, she was outraged that the Moon could think that!

“What an ugly creature the Moon is,” she thought “with scars, craters and a cold embrace!” However hard they insulted each other, day and night, they never saw each other; they only knew of the others well-being through messages from the stars and clouds. They had never seen each other…

One evening, on the summit of the highest mountain the Sun saw a beautiful white angelic being rising through the draping clouds that engulfed the lower part of the mountain. She gasped at its beauty and wondered what it was; not at all, in any way did she feel threatened by its beauty, she was extremely curious. At this moment, the radiant being looked up towards her.

He smiled, wondering who this blazing beauty was. Her power seemed to radiate out of her arms, bursting into flames of blush pinks and baby blues. He drifted up towards her, slowly, so as not to frighten her.

“Who are you?” the Sun whispered, the sky blushed a deep pink behind her as she looked up to the gleaming being.

“I am the Moon,” he answered, at this the Sun burnt a darker pink almost red, the Moon was taken aback at this reaction and it finally daunted on him who this girl, encompassed in a flurry of colours was - she was the Sun.

“Forgive me, I never knew who you were, yet I judged you upon the stories whispered amongst the clouds,” the Sun apologized. “There is no need,” the Moon replied “we were both wrong, I listened to the tales of the stars and foolishly believed them,” They stared at each other for a second, a second that to them had sorted a millennia of problems, a second that for them lasted a sweet lifetime. At long last the Sun moved     towards the Moon, leaning inwards… Her rays scalded the Moon, creating deep scars and the Moon’s icy breath froze her lips, they jumped backwards, away from each other.         

“I want to hold, but you are the Sun and I am the Moon….And we will never collide” the Moon whispered. With that, they fell apart.

The Gods, high above all this, felt pity towards the love-struck couple who could never be together. So they allowed them for one evening, and only one, to hold each other, to embrace each other’s comfort without their forces holding them apart. So, for one evening, each year, the Sun and the Moon collide, darkness falls upon the land, the tribes below watch in awe and call it The Solar eclipse

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