Dear Me,

Dear Me,

Who do you talk to? Who sits with you when you are all alone? Who tells you that you're skinny? Who actually cares? The heat is burning my skin, but the passion burns in my heart.

I have to. I have to.

Who did you run to?


1. May-25-2014 > 12:14 AM

Dear Me,

It's the beginning of summer now. The heat blazes on and I feel all hot again. The humidity is striking back and I am really wishing for a colder winter this year. But it the midst of that, I hope I learn the truth. The truth on why my friends abandoned me when I needed them the most. I thought they would be there for me, but they weren't.

A part of me knew they were going to do it, but there's a part of me that still feels the painful sting. I feel so hurt, so betrayed. I don't even know if they'll accept me again when school picks up again in two months. But I hope they do.

My empty yearbook sits in my book bag as I write this. It could have been marked with signatures and little messages. But it will collect dust, unfortunately. I know one day, they'll look back and realize that leaving me, ignoring me, was the worst thing to do. My laughter is as real as it was before. My eyes are as cheerful. My voice doesn't slice the air anymore with harmonious words. The air is cold, my eyes are dull and my laughter is dead to them.

I can't feel what we had in the beginning anymore, just pain. Anger. Rage.

I know someday, I'll look back at this as a petty moment on their part, one day I will be crying into the shoulder of my best friend if when win the award. She knows me better than anyone else, she's seen me right before a competition.

She supports me.. so how come they can't?

All I see are glares from my "friends" but I know my best friend is better than they are. She helps me get through everything. She cares for me.

I don't know what to do, but someday I will know the answer. You know it now? Don't you?




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