Cliché *One Direction*

When Lucy runs into a certain boyband (literally) what will happen? Will 2 of the boys fall in love with her? Or will she fall for someone else? (This is supposed to be a really cliché fanfiction, but it's supposed to be funny and still interesting to read! Thanks!)


1. The Bump

Lucy's POV-

*Beep Beep*

Ugh. I don't want to get up. The covers are so warm and inviting. Sadly, I get up and hop into the shower. Well I don't literally hop into the shower. That would be weird. Dangerous too. I really want to try that though. It sounds fun. Maybe one day...

After I do my business in the shower, I get dressed in my work uniform and neatly comb my hair into a ponytail. I put on a blue and black threaded bracelet. Then I slip on my shoes and jacket.

Halfway down the hallway I realize I forgot to lock the door to my London flat. I turn back to lock it.

The blaring radio makes me jump as I start my car. I turn it down and drive to work.

When I get in, I put my things away in the back, then get behind the register to serve my first customer of the day.

"Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you today?"


*After Work*


"Great. I forgot where I parked my car," I say to myself and begin walking down the busy street. All of a sudden, I run into something really hard.

"Oh my I'm so sorry!" the person tells me.

"No it's oka-" I look into his eyes.

Green. Stunning, bright, beautiful green. I realize it's his eyes. Then I see his curly brown hair. Very similar to chocolate locks. His skin looks so smooth and creamy. Don't even get me started on his lips. They are the perfect shade of pink. They're a little chapped, but the perfect amount for the perfect kiss. Ooh. Kissing. That sounds nice. Kissing him. That sounds even better.

All of a sudden I can see our life together play through my head. We will date for about a year and then he will take me out for a romantic dinner. He will come up with the most romantic and creative way ever to propose to me. He will declare his undying love for me and of course I will say yes.

Things will get a little hectic as we move in together and plan the wedding. When the day finally comes though, everything will run smoothly.

We will get married in a little chapel right in his hometown. I will have a beautiful white dress. My hair will be perfectly done by a professional with light makeup that makes me look flawless.

My dad will walk me down the isle right to my future husband. He'll be wearing a tux and waiting with that adorable smile on his lips. He'll thank my father and take my hands. He'll say his specially made vows and I'll say mine. Then the perfect moment will come where we both say 'I do.' We will then share a kiss that we never want to end.

Then we will travel on our honeymoon to Hawaii. We will run straight into the hotel, eager to find our room. Then we will throw our luggage on the ground, jump on the bed and-

"Are you okay?" he asks me and breaks me out of my fantasy.

"Uh yes. I'm sorry," I blush.

"What's your name?" he asks me.

"Lucy. What's yours?" I ask him.

"Harry," he smiles.

Then it hits me.

He's Harry Styles.



Hey guys! I'm Cammy and I'm one of the authors of this story. I'm the one who came up with the idea for this story. So I'm kind of the mastermind. Mwah hahahaha *she says and laughs in evil voice* JK! I don't think I'm evil! I hope other people don't think I'm evil! :o 

EVERYTHING is meant to be cliché! So this is supposed to be VERY cheesy! Lol.

Along the way, you'll meet my other 3 amazing co authors. :)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

~Cammy xx.

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