Deep dark forest

A girl decides to leave home. She plans on never returning because of family problems. She is lonely because her grandma died and she has no one to talk to. She has to leave she has nothing, no friends,no privilege,nothing. She jumps on a boat and goes to a haunted forest where she meets five guys. She hear screams and loud high pitched howls.


1. Saying goodbye

Grandma I want u to know something else I'm  sick of home and I am going to miss u when u go to heaven. You r the only person who gets me and knows me.

By the time I say this all I'm in tears then  she says " I am going to miss u too beautiful". She said  can u make up a story so I can listen to it and rest so I sit by her on her bed she sounds so sick. Her voice so crackly and she turns her head and I told her of the girl who follows her to heaven. She said " can u do me a favor? Don't be sad when I have to go. Live your life to the fullest. I got choked up and salty tears ran faster and I began to cry and then my grandma grabbed my hand. I held on to her until the doctor came in and said say your goodbye and leave. I told them no I'm staying with her. They said ok to that and so I took the water and drink the last of this water. She grabes it in her hand and said thank you baby. Her hands wobbled as she gently grabbed it I warped her  hands around the cup and helped her drink it.


I laid down next to. Her eyes fluttered and shut she was still alive but she fell to sleep. I stayed awake and watched her until my eyes felt heavy and closed. I awoke at 5 and she was awake I told her to go to sleep and then she said she loved me . I knew she was saying goodbye so I hugged her and told her I loved her too. I saw her bright blue eyes go blank and I held her tighter. She was pronounced dead at 7:00 am. I closed her eyes and kissed her pale wight  face and then I left. 


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