1D's kids

It has be 17 years since 1D has spelt now they all have kids. Harry has two, Niall has three, Zayn has two, Louis has four, Liam has three, and Josh has three. Read to learn about the kids and their lives.


1. The kids ( teen boys)

 Joshua Liam Horan- Hi I'm Joshua or Josh as my sister and friends call me I'm 15. I have a twin brother named Luke. I love sports and food. I like to pick on my little sister. Some about me I have brown hair like my mom, blue eyes like my dad, I love food, I'm ADHD, I have dyslexia, and lastly I my parents are Niall Horan and Arianna Wiggins.

  Luke James Horan- Hi I'm Luke I'm 15 I have a twin brother and a little sister. I am the nerd of me and my brother as every one calls me. I love video games, I have dyslexia, I have asthma, I have brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, I love food, and I'm in a band named five seconds of music.




Jake Joesph Payne- Hi I'm Nick I'm 16 I have brown hair, Blue eyes, I love sports, I like to skateboard, I have a little sister and brother, I like turtles, I like to play sports, I'm in a band, I have brown hair and blue eyes, my parents are Liam and Danielle Payne.


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