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1. team crafted

"Eeeeeeek!" I fangirled as I saw on my iPad that team crafted was coming to Atlanta. As I watched one of their videos , Adam said " we will have a drawing in front of G.A Aquarium to hang out with us for a full week and some special surprises included...!" Adam said with a smirk.

" And also it will be at 2:00 pm Wednesday" said Mitch. "Wait........ today's Wednesday....." I said to myself. I quickly looked at the time, It was 1:45!! I ran to my room got my purse and everything I needed and headed towards my car.

Good thing was that I lived 5 minutes away from there so I was glad about that. When I finally got there it was packed I mean hundreds of people.Then I saw the group......TEAMCRAFTED. " ONLY 1 MINUTE LEFT TO BE ENTERED" Screamed Jason. "Crap" I whispered. I swiftly ran towards the lady and have her my name and ran back to the crowd.

"Alright everybody....... We have picked the lucky girl ..... Yup it's a girl ..... And her name is......" Said Mitch.

*** Hey guys it's my first fan fiction and hope you like this chapter I will try and do a chapter a week so stay tuned***

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