Different Worlds {On Hold}

After Marine Married James Potter and had Harry , James died and was killed by Voldemort . Marine married Poseidon Jackson and had Perseus Jackson. Her two sons from two different worlds are trying to survive from Voldemort and Monsters.
Zayn Malik a mortal that could see the through the mist, a veil between mortals, demigods and monsters.


1. Prologue

A.N This is my first Movella I hope I don't disappoint you. Just like, share, favorite and comment what you think. GryfindorGirl123 xxxxxxxxxxx

             Marine's POV

             I'm Marine I am a thirty five  year old mother. I have two sons Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I guess you are wondering why I have two sons with different last names . It all started out with how I had my son Harry. I met a wonderful gentlemen named James. Well then I found out that James was a wizard. I told him to tell me about himself he did. Then we fell in love and I married him. That's when I had Harry. He was living a normal life and then when Harry turned eight  his father died. Three years later we got a letter from a school called Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardy. I had never heard of it I mean I did know James was a wizard but he never told me about a school. I didn't want my son to go to some place I knew nothing about , and that I couldn't even see , but I knew he must go.

   A.N I'm sorry if the first chapter is short I promise the others wont be this short I just wanted to get the first chapter done. 


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