when a group of five friends survive a disease called emiliotrophies. It has everyone turned into a type of zombie!The five friends must learn how to work together and how to hunt/look for food. Will the five friends survive?


1. It's Happening

                   It started out as a normal day until everybody started going crazy everyone was crying, and screaming, it was horrible! Jessica called Allison to see if she knew what was happening, but Allison knew nothing they all were secretly freaking out inside of themselves but none of them knew it.  "Why is everyone going crazy everyone is running up and down the street as if  they were mad scientist!" said Jessica in an anxious voice. 
                 "Well you need to calm down freaking out won't help, here let me call Chrystal to see if she knows whats happening." said Allison 

                "Okay but make it quick i really starting to freak out!" Jessica said. As Allison was starting to call Chrystal she started to see what Jessica was talking about they people they were insane it seemed as if they couldn't control their emotions! So Allison quickly called Chrystal.

                        "Hey Chrystal is everybody going insane were you are?" asked Allison. 

                          "Yeah why is it happening on your street too?" Replied Chrystal

                        "Wait you know whats happening, come on tell me!" said Allison with her voice starting to crack.

                         "Its calle Emioliotrophies, they say that it kills you once you have it in you but i started to notice that the people come back to life as Zombies!" said Chrystal.

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