I'm Radioactive.

I'm radioactive.
I'm breathing in the chemicals,
This is it, the apocalypse,
I'm waking up,
I feel it in my bones,
Enough to make my systems blow,
All systems go, the sun hasn't died,
Deep in my bones, straight from inside.
I'm radioactive.


1. hole thing XD

I woke up on the dusty floor of the chemical factory. Memories from last night came flooding back to me and certain images flashed in my mind like bright lighting bolts across the dark sky.

I picked myself up and remembered the explosion, it was massive, people screaming 'RUN!' and then there's me. Refusing to move as the neon liquid come gushing into the halls from the lab.

The green liquid is still plastered on the walls and on the floor, I looked down at myself and my hands were slightly discoloured with a greenish tint to them.

I took a deep shaky breaths as the toxic chemicals filled my lungs, I felt somewhat strong, I could feel it all over me like a new angle on looking at life, through the deserted corridors no one would hear me.

I struggled down the hall my breathing became deep as people were passed out along the corridors and the one that caught my eyes was Luke. Luke was my step- brother and he decided to come to work with me. His eyes were sealed shut and he was covered in the green liquid.

No pulse. No breaths. He was dead. The fumes or the liquid killed him. I screamed loudly for a minute. It fell silent as I heard hurried footsteps behind me. I spun on my heel to find men with gas mask on and dark waterproof suits, pointing their guns at me.

"Don't move!" One screamed at me, a flash of fear ran through his eyes as I took a few strides forward and came face to face with him. I shook my head and stepped back getting angrier by the second. I needed to let it out.

I screamed. Again. They covered their ears and winced as all around me glass smash and cracked. My blood boiled quickly. My eyes burned until I looked at myself trough a cracked window, my eyes were glowing green and my skin was a dark tinted colour.

What the fuck?!?!?

"She's radioactive!" One yelped and they all ran for the closest exit. I stood there, alone. The freak of nature, the abnormal person, the psychopath, the nobody. I could feel it in my bones! The strength, passion and anger all at the same time. I felt like my systems were going to burst. I heard the creaking off a door open which made me cower away into a shadowed corner.

"Where is she then?" A man wondered through the bodies of dead people,

"She was right here! She screamed and that caused the glass to either crack or smash! I swear to god she's abnormal and she needs to be killed before any real damage is caused by her sudden outbreaks..." He trailed off and laid eyes on me.

His eyes widened as so did the others. One pointed a gun like object at me in which I frowned at. I had been found. I gingerly stepped out from my cover and stood hopelessly in the hall way.

"What are you?" One man asked, I shrugged helplessly not wanting to open my mouth. He came closer to me making me edge backwards until my back hit the wall.

"Look, in sorry but you a hazard to every human being." He started before I nodded and I stood in front of him.

"Just do it...." I whispered lightly and turned to far the wall I felt the gun against the back of my head.

"On the count of 3..." He stated, "one... Two..." A sharp pain ran through my head as I fell forwards my vision blurry.

"I'm radioactive..." I whispered before darkness took over me. I knew my life was over but that in that faithful moment I remembered Luke, my dad and my mum. Up there in heaven we will be together again a full family even though I'm abnormal.

I'm radioactive.

I was radioactive.

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