The happy pig

it is a pig, hvo is trying to get happy


1. From sad, to happy with the help of food

Once a time there was a little piggy, named pig.

Little pig was sad, and he didn't even know why. the pig was never happy, he tried to be kind to people, but that didn't make him happy. He tried to treat him self with a spar trip, but that didn't make him happy eather. Each and every day the farmer brought the pigs food, pig didn't want any, he was always too depressed. 

One day pigs mom came to him and told him "You have to eat something honey! Our hole exsistence is about getting fattend up so we one day can feed Astrid. And she dosent like her pigs to be skinny." Pigs mother smiled and walked away. The next  time the farmer brought the pigs food, pig walked over to the food depressed as he was and he took a little nibble. Pig like it. Pig felt good. The food made pig happy! 

Pig shoved all the other pigs away and ate, and ate and ate,  until all the food was gone. Pig had eaten it all, but nobody cared, because now pig was a happy fat piggy again.


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