To Warm Her Cold Heart

Lacey sits looking in the mirror every night wondering what happened. She has had many relationships but none have lasted long enough to be called worthwhile but her new beau, Devon, was everything she had hoped for although she found herself going down the same path she took so many times before and she knew she had to change that if she wanted him in her life. Lacey vowed to herself that if she was ever going to truly love again then she had to face the skeletons in her closet but then she finds out there was one skeleton with a knack for survival


1. Decided

She placed her hand up to his neck and kissed him lightly on his lips before rolling out of bed with a sheet around her. She made her way to the bathroom and jumped under the shpower letting hte water run over her gently. It was as if she was in a different place for a while as the only thing she heard was the water crashing against her soft skin and splashing beneath her feet. Running her hands through her hair, she slumped onto the floor as she broke down in tears.

Ten minutes had gone by before she made her way out and got dressed while Devon still snored in the bed. He eventually stirred when he heard her open the door getting ready leave.

"This darn door!" she whispered to herself

"Where you off to?" he asked softly

"I gotta go" she replied

"How come you always leave?"

She closed the door and went to sit at the foot of the bed. The apartment seemed to have gotten smaller with every footstep she took and she sighed then hung her head. Devon had moved so he sat behind her with his legs either side. Her eyes closed, she leant back into him and breathed out.

"I'm sorry. I'm just......." she trailed off "I just gotta go"

"You do this everytime Lacey! You always get closed off and I don't know wether I should hold you or call a therapist"

"I don't want a fight Devon" said Lacey

"I'm not fighting. I am trying to understand you    

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