The Sims 3 - the hope lies with the kids

~master you wish is our command~
After the brain death of their mother, Allicia and Mikail have moved out and are now going to face the struggles there mother once had. To be controlled but to be able to think and have no control over what you are doing. What will this crazy controller do now? Will the kids perish as there mum did or will a new story unfold?

Sequel to The Sims 3


1. let's introduce ourselves - Allicia

My name is Allicia and I am a sim. I have a half brother -Mikail who is a ghost, a step dad who is also a ghost. My mother who is alive and also a father who is dead. I was an illegitimate child. I am controlled by whoever bought this sims 3 game. This crazy controller made my mother sleep with many men and deal with the grief of her pride and joy - me and Mikail - being forced to grow up and move out of home. She is just a sim now though, with no thoughts. She loved us very much though, I could see it in her eyes. But now they are just glazed over, I saw her for a small amount of time at the shops. I gazed into her eyes intently looking for that love but it was gone, she had flicked the switch and stopped her thoughts. Just like that she was gone.

Me and Mikail now lived in a two bedroom flat in the centre of town. We were soon to go to university. In glad you made that choice actually. I always had wanted to go into further education. I didn't know about Mikail. I'm not sure what he wanted to do. Sometimes he talks to me but not always, well not verbally anyway. You never let him. But we have developed a new way. Through the thoughts system. We can talk to each other through our thoughts. Almost telepathically. It's because he is a ghost he told me. All ghosts can do that. The reason I could was because we were related, siblings can talk to dead siblings as well. It provided me with a relief from not being able to actually talk to anyone. I don't know how mum managed it - maybe that's why she went crazy.

It'll be morning soon, I only know since the slotted time of which I should sleep to achieve full rest is almost up and I went to bed relatively on time last night. I wonder what we will do tomorrow. It's the day when we go to the university. I wonder which section you will put me in... Jock, nerd or rebel. I hope at least it will be something aligned with my personality. Please don't be cruel, like you were to mum. Please don't make me hate you...

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