Understand me

Definition of two-faced: Someone who is insincere or who acts one way in certain situations and then in a contrary manner in others.

Amy is your average teenager, good at sport, despises homework especially given it on weekends and has a thing for boys. Like every other teenager curiosity consumes her.
But curiosity kills the cat.
And when Amy starts talking to her best friend's cousin and is given the chance to talk to someone knew, will she trust a stranger? And can he or she really understand her.

Remember, it just takes one word. Two letters. Hi.
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1. Prologue


That's how it started with the simple word hi. But now I wish I could have taken it all back. I have regretted it everyday of my life since. I used to vomit at the memories and cry for days on end about what happened; since I said that God dam word to a boy. A boy? No, a man. At the username of Harry123:), that's him. That's the guy that scarred me for life, thanks Harry. Not that I can say thanks now. 

It scares me really, how at the time I felt so in control. So in my little world, m little circle of friends. It frightens me how quickly everything went wrong. There was a time I could have killed Harry. What he did was sickening; he was a traitor, a sick idiot and a liar. But then something else happened and it got confusing, who's side was he on?

But I have learnt something from this...


Nothing is ever black or white. There never are clear heroes and villains in the world. It's never like that in reality. Scrap the fairy tales of shiny princes and evil witches; the worlds not like that. Never.

Some have said to me that it was just bad luck what happened but sometimes I think did God hate me that much? Why? Why me? I still want that answer so badly. But maybe you van help me answer that question. All I want you to do, is hear my story from my lips, to this page. Don't listen to the police, the news, in fact anyone but me. And just try and help me figure out who was to blame. Because I just don't know anymore...

Try to understand me.

a/n HELLO ALL peachtree here (e.g newbie) legit just set up this account :s urrghhh hate being ill and fun fun fun getting ready to do revision. If you liked what you read there will be more coming, please follow and comment on what you liked/ hated and I'll see you (that makes no sense) in the next chapter :)

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