Wonderful Death ~ Bk. 1

Wonderful Death is about cats. it's a fanfiction off of Erin Hunter's series of Warrior Cats. There are two clans, forced apart by their differences. One beside the beach the other in the trees. War is breaking out but there is a traitor and a neutral cat, one from each clan. A prophecy is made and cats have to join to defeat an evil that is greater than any known.


1. Prologue

The clan beside the ocean, on the beach, had new kits. This was one way to put it. Four new kits were playing outside, their mother watching them gently. Her gaze was soft and sweet as she watched her two sons and two daughters play "Thornkit...share with your sister." Oceanbreeze called. The queen was an American Curl. A long furred she-cat with curled ears said form her place under the nursery walls. An exact copy of oceanbreeze turned and pouted "but...mo-om!" she whined, that was thornkit,  Petalkit, thornkit's sister, a calico American Curl, groaned "Here we go again!" she muttered. Dustkit and Lightkit, brothers to thornkit and petalkit watched the two in annoyance. "Amateurs!"  Lightkit muttered as he stretched. Oceanbreeze groaned inwardly. "Let all cats old enough o catch their own prey join together under high cliff for a meeting!" a dark brown tabby called from a high cliff.  " Lightkit...do you promise to serve your clan well? " The leader, leafstar asked "I do." He replied strongly. "Until you earn your warrior name you will be known as Lightpaw, your mentor will be darklife. " The two withdrew slowly and then watched. Yet some apprentice, Stormpaw, watched petalpaw pad away with her mentor, Lifesong. Lifesong padded through the trees and pushed aside some vines to show the jungle-like territory beyond "That is Palmclan's territory."  she meowed "Our worst enemy." 



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