Hope, Believe, Love

9 year old Paris had a miserable life. Her mom died because of cancer. Not only that, her dad also beats her every night for no reason. All Paris has to do is, hope, believe, and find love! Will she ever be strong and fight against her dad or will she met up with her mom in heaven????


1. Hope

Paris was lying on the ground crying while her dad was kicking her. She and her dad were living by themselves in a small torn up house. They were miserable ever since her mom had died. Paris's dad was so sad that he was constantly getting drunk and taking drugs.

Every night Paris's dad would beat her to the ground and would lock her in her room because he didn't want her to tell anybody.

"Dad why won't you let me go to school like the other kids!!!!" Paris said.

"Because I said so!!!!!!!!!!" Her dad yelled out.

Paris was so really mad but she didn't dare say anything. She was also scared cause she was tired of getting beat.

Paris just hoped that she would become strong.

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