Someone You can RELY on

When jessica's best friend Matthew espinosa moves to la while she has to stay at her house. When school is over she can go visit him! how will her visit go?


1. The "Moving" Begins

                     Today was the day Jessica's best friend Matthew moved to L.A. Jessica was really sad but she couldn't do anything about. After an hour had passed since helping matthew pack his stuff Jessica went to go ask her parents if she could take matthew to the airport, they said yes! After a year had passed Jessica asked her parents if she could go visit Matthew, her parents finally said yes finally after Jessica had asked for about the 100 time. So Jessica went upstairs to her bedroom to pack everything she needed for two months,it took about two hours to pack everything she needed. Later at 4:00 Jessica's parents took her to the airport and said goodbye to her. As she boarded the airplane she stopped to wave goodbye. Once she got on the airplane she took a seat next to the window, Jessica thought that she was going to get stomach sick but turns out she didn't. It took her about one day to get to L.A. Jessica texted Matthew to come get her, and he said that he was going to be there in four minutes. Once Matthew finally got there he came in a big black SUV, and once Jessica got in the car she saw one guy driving and she had to sit by two other guys that she didn't know. Matthew said "Oh yeah Jessica this is Nash Grier he is the one driving, and This is Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds Carter is the one by the window and the other one is Cameron." All of them were just staring at Jessica for a minute or so until she finally turned around to ask Matthew something. 

                "Do I have anything on my face or why is everyone staring at me?" asked Jessica 

               "No you don't have anything now lets go to the hotel room you will be staying at!" said Matthew sounding excited.

                     I will post a new chapter every week so stay tuned! 



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