The Monster Inside of Me

Fate arrives when you turn thirteen. She is a sleek, black owl, determining your powers. You don't know what you'll get.
You never do.
*worst blurb ever*
I'm tired.


1. Chapter One


     Ariel smiled at me. Her blonde hair whipped past as she lapped me once again, laughing hysterically the whole time. Eventually, I gave up, out of breath. She ran off and sat in the grass. I breathed heavily.

.    Ninja, I thought, sending her my message. I saw the air ripple where the message traveled, until it was sucked up through her ear. She smiled innocently, showing off her dimples. 

     "Hey, guys, come in," called our eldest sister from the door of the cabin. She sighed at my red hair sticking to my body with sweat. I walked up to her, Ariel close behind.

     "You smell like a Tauntaun carcass," she wrinkled her nose. She flipped her perfect blonde hair in disgust and sprayed me with air freshener. The sudden act surprised me, and it got it my eyes.

     "Dagnabbit, Tori," I spat. "You son of a-"

     "Ahem," Ariel sounded from the table, which she had set. With a sigh, I sat down and began to eat the macaroni Tori had cooked. The cheese burned my tongue but I was so hungry I continued eating anyway.

     "I can't wait until Friday!"  Ariel smiled wide.

     "Why?" I asked with mock confusion.

     "Why do you think, Lylia?" 

     Tori rolled her eyes at my reply. "You ready to party?"

     "It's my birthday, you idiot!" She yelled from across the table.

     "Are you serious? Your birthday was last year. Who's the idiot now?"

     Tori smacked me on the back of the head.

     "I'm turning 13! I can't wait to find out what kind of powers I have!" She smiled wider.

     "You'll probably have the mental abilities like-like-" Tori paused. "Lylia, what are you doing?"

     Two knives hovered over Tori's head, giving her devil horns. "I'm bored."

     "Maybe you shouldn't have sucked up your food like a freaking vacuum," Tori sighed. "As I was saying, you'll probably have mental abilities like me and...Lylia, would you stop?"

     The knives I was focusing on dropped from midair and clattered onto the ground.

     "You'll probably have mental abilities like me and Lylia and our parents!" Tori burst out, not taking a single pause.


     Tori sighed. "I'M GOING TO BED."

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