Half a Heart

**ZAYNS P.O.V**. "I-I can't take not loving him! I know it's wrong, but I don't love anybody else more!" I poured my heart into Harry's mind. "But you've got Perrie, Zayn. You guys will be getting married in less than a year!" Harry reminded me. I love Liam I just can't admit it. Modest keeps Louis and Harry apart but that doesn't stop them. Harry knew about my love for Liam ever since The X Factor, but it's been getting worse. "I need some alcohol, maybe some cigs?" I whined. Harry coughed up some cigarettes and poured me a margarita. I was out on the patio when Harry came to give him the strawberry martini. "The boys will be back with the pizza soon so pull yourself together, mate." Harry said while patting my back. I could hear the door latch open and Louis' boisterous voice "I'm home Hazza!" He called. That's when I came inside and greeted Liam, Niall, and Louis. Louis and Harry instantly pushed each other on the couch and kissed like they'd not seen each other in years. " Awe get a room! I just cleaned up!" I groaned. Liam giggled and I looked over and found his eyes meet mine. "Lets eat," Niall said, "I'm starved!"


1. Listen to me Harry!

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