Horse Advice

This is to give you horse advice! If you want to ask anything about horse behavior or anything please request a chapter about it in the comments, there will be a few things I have already covered and if you see anything I have written wrong or would like me to add something, please tell me.


1. Napping

Quite a few horses nap. (If you don't know what it is it means when a horse refuses to do as it is told and will not move. It can be because they are tired, unfit or for any other reason.)

Napping is nothing to worry about, it can be normal horse behavior, here are a few ways to stop a horse from napping: 

Pull with the rein where you want the horse to go. If pulling the reins does not work kick with the opposite leg lightly, if this fails to work kick a bit harder. Never lose your temper with a horse because they can sense uneasiness and will not behave. If your horse does not respond to this use a crop and tap them once and continue squeezing with your heels. Tap them every now and again. 

Sometimes with horses who nap a lot it is useful to use a martingale. This can help with control and it works well. A stronger bit which makes more contact with the mouth can help too.  

Most the time with napping it is important to stay calm and your horse will respond better. A horse will pick up on your nerves and worries and they will become more worried, just like humans.

With some horses they rear when they nap. All you do with this is lean forward and (extremely) gently tap them between the ear. Not all horses will nap but some will so you must be careful, they are wild animals and should be treated with respect and care.

Napping can be frustrating and annoying, normally when you first get a horse they will try it on and see if they can get away with doing bad things. It can be stressful because you don't know if you are doing the right thing and you are worried you haven't made the right decision with a horse. It may not be napping which you are worried about, it may be bolting, bucking, refusing jumps or any number of things. Don't rule out the possibility that it could just be because you and your getting use to each other. 




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