Just a random short story I did between classes.


1. Flight

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”  - Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Birds are extremely careless in the sky rather than humans. They always intend on laughing down on humans about whether if we’re having a good day or not, screeching their loudest cry and everything birds do they always do it right. But alas, I will never be a part of them.

The reason is because I’m neither one of the creatures. I’m merely the little guy. Literally. I live in the grass below human’s feet and stand just five centimetres tall. I’m very lucky in a way because it gives me the chance to hide when a predator come around.

I want to be different though. I want to live a different life. I want to go out riding bees. I want to be free! However every time I ask that, the village folk down here always laugh, “No. Never going to happen. Stacy, you’re a complete moron for wanting that.” So for many years I’ve sat in the darkness and spilt my hatred on everyone that walked or stared at me.

However, this time as I stand out here in the windy night, it will be different. I will be free. Then I can shove it in their faces. For this inventor, nothing is impossible.

My hair turns into a bundle of knots as I stand in the wind. I groan, why does it always have to be windy when I want to prove something? But that doesn’t matter though. I soldier on. This is a mission. And I am determined to get it over and done with.

I stroll up to my bag, unzipping it open and snatching my journal, eyes scanning the scribble until my page is found. My eyes beam. This is perfect. The plan is to test out my new invention, which is nothing more than glued feathers I’ve found along my workshop from birds on two planks of timber and a device that allows me to control the wings flapping. Nerveless this will work, I’ve tested it countless of times, (being around about four times), and I shall conquer this!

I scan the area to see if the people are staring at me again. They always do that when I’m testing something, cackling behind my back about how stupid my ideas are. However, as I have predicted, there are no people in sight due to the lack of sunlight.

The fools. Night time is the perfect time to get anything done. Why, with the moon shadowing over the grassy planes and the stars partying all night long up in the sky along with the frosty wind, this is the best time to do what you wish. Plus, hardly any predators come out at night so there’s nothing to worry about.

I spread out my arms, heaving the cool air into my lungs. This is it, the final rundown. I laugh, “STACY WILL NOW CONQURE FLIGHT!” Sprinting up the grassy planes, the wind hears my call and begins to lift me into the air. My feet are scraping across the ground, causing a throbbing sensation to zap throughout my nerves. My hair is pushed out of my face and I’m gliding towards the clouds. The feeling of success overtakes the throbbing sensation and I grin. I did it!

Now I test the hard bit, being the wings. My arms flap madly because of the roaring wind but eventually, it dies down and I manage to glide. I huff in exhaustion as the wind gets stronger and random leaves start to smack my face. My hands are beginning to sweat and my heart feels as if it’s about to plummet straight down to the Earth. My muscles shake wildly because of all of the energy I’m using and my vision goes blurry. Before I know it, I’m floating down towards the ground like a leaf.

However, the wind isn’t cooperating. Instead of gliding me on the ground like I have planned, it rockets me up towards the clouds and shoots me into a branch. I’m hanging like my mother’s laundry: wet and lifeless. My stomach hurts because I’m the sheet draping over the branch. My head is pounding against my skull because of the immense pain that has magically appeared from bumping into this tree. I’m still alive though, so it’s good...I guess.  

Despite this situation, I manage a chuckle, “At least it worked…” I look at the wings. They’re completely snapped in half and the wind has stolen some of my feathers. Again. I sigh, “Maybe I should apply more…Strong materials to this, eh?”

This mission has been a successful one.

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