Like A Sister

James, Sergio, Paul, Daniel, Rupert and Elizabeth have been best friends for years - since the day on the train where they met. Elizabeth is a year younger than the boys (But she is in their grade) and they all see her as a little sister.
Now it is three years later - the boys are 15, Elizabeth is 14. Cue love, heartbreak, tears, laughter and a LOT of confusion.
But through it all, the boys view her Like A Sister... or do they?


1. First Day

Like A Sister

Elizabeth stepped into the cabin nervously. There was nobody else in there, yet she seemed afraid. Sitting down cautiously, the nine-year-old silently opened a brochure and re-read it.

Suddenly the door was flung open by a boy. He looked about ten, his messy blonde hair falling in his face and his shoelaces untied.

“Oh.” He stopped and said over his shoulder, “There’s someone in this one.”

“Well, ask if we can go in; my arms will fall off in about ten seconds if I don’t put this down,” another male voice answered.

“Hi. Can we come in?”

Elizabeth nodded shyly, and the first boy threw himself down on one of the seats.

“I’m Sergio; Sergio Blue. This is James Turner. We’re starting our second year. Who’re you?”
James, who had put an armful of books down on the seat, whacked him with a magazine.
“Be polite, Sergi,” he hissed. Turning to Elizabeth, he grinned. “Don’t mind him, he’s an idiot. I am James Richard Brian Kenneth Turner. And you are?”

“Elizabeth Cassandra Lily May Archer,” she replied nervously.

“Nice name. How old are you and in which grade will you be this year?”

“Sergi! Seriously, grow a brain!”

Elizabeth laughed. “It is fine, James. I’m nine, starting second year. I got moved up.”

Suddenly there was another sound and the door burst open. Three boys burst in, a few seconds apart, and dived under the seats. “Close the door,” hissed one. Elizabeth closed her brochure and obeyed, slowly sliding it shut.

“I’m Dan Powers, this is Luke and Paul,” hissed the shortest one. His brown fringe fell in his eyes.

“Look, there are some boys. Sit with them,” a female voice instructed. The owner of the voice opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Alexandra Jones. This is my brother, Rupert. Can he sit with you?” The boys all looked at Elizabeth, who nodded, and Alexandra pushed another ten-year old boy in. For the next three hours, the kids all laughed, joked and had a fantastic time.


Exactly five years later, Elizabeth was running towards Sergio on the station platform.

“Hi Sergi,” she panted, hugging him. He picked her up, laughing. Rupert followed her; she had been staying with him for the last week of the holidays while her mum and stepdad were in France for ‘work’ (Author’s Note – I have no idea why I put that in italics. Take that as you will)

“Hey Bethy,” he laughed, placing her down. He was a head taller than her now, as were nearly all the boys.
“Eliza, Sergi!” Two more boys came out of the mist and joined the group, closely followed by their parents.

“Where are Dan and Paul?” Elizabeth asked.
“No idea,” shrugged James. Luke picked up and hugged Elizabeth and then handed her to James, who threw her to Sergio.

“Put me down!” The boys shook their heads no and then James threw her over Sergio’s head, calling, “Heads up, Dan!” Luckily he looked up in time to catch the approaching girl, who he then put down. She walked with them over to James.

“I would thank you to not treat a lady with such rudeness,” she said pompously. James played along with her.

“I am so sorry my dear,” he joked, bowing.

“You should be. You should have learnt something after five years of being friends with one.”

“And why is that, Miss Archer?”

She grinned devilishly. “Because I have definitely learnt something from hanging around with half a dozen boys,” and with that, she punched him in the arm. Everyone laughed, before the train station manager called, “All aboard, school kids. Five minutes until we leave!”

The boys’ parents all crowded around. Hugging everyone, they all added instructions.

“Try for no detentions!”

 “If you go at least a week without losing points, then I will be shocked.”

“Remember that you can’t tell the teachers they are stupid.”

“Write often!”
“We love you!”

“Yeah, yeah, bye,” grumbled the boys. Elizabeth made as if to hug Rupert’s mother again, so James and Paul grabbed her arms, Dan and Rupert picked up her bags, and they dragged her to a carriage.


Thankyou for reading this! It is my first story ever on Movellas… I don’t know when I will next update. Actually I don’t know how to update.

Sorry if it was boring… I tend to ramble (Yes parents and primary school teachers and English teachers, I did think about your comments on my stories). I will try to work on it. And I put in tons of dialogue.

 Please comment – I want to know whether I do/don’t suck and if I should continue or not! Thanks!!

Also, I have this story published on Wattpad under the username @Im_Just_Becky and on Quotev. Follow me on either of them as well



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