Should exam system be banned ?

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  • Published: 23 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 May 2014
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I just want to say about my opinion about the exam system . This is not a story , or novel just about my opinion .


1. Should exam system be banned ?

    One of my seniors just went to suicide last few weeks . The reason for her to opt this choice was she couldn't bear the insurmountable pressure during her learning journey . She couldn't accept the result that she had got . She just went to one of tall buildings in Penang . She went to the car park and jumped down without a moment of hesitation . When she jumped down from the building , it was a nasty fall ! Yet , no one discovered it ! They discovered it after 1 day . So , what's the point for having so many examinations ? I couldn't breathe . About her situation , I was disappointed . She was a good , diligent , helpful and kind student . She just wanted to make sure she got every A in every subject . Before she went to suicide , she posted a status on her Facebook . ' I hate exam system . The feeling so sucks ' . I think everyone ought to ignore . It's a quite common status . But this became her last status . So , what is the aim for exam system ? To have a competition among all pupils ? To tease someone's result which is bad than you ? To ' end ' someone's life ? Exam system must be banned in this world . It is such a harmful thing for everyone . Should government continue this activity ? What do you think ? Do you concur ? Don't you ?

   First and foremost , people think having school examinations is a must . I don't think so , it brings us a lot of disadvantages . Students too focus on their studies or results . In the same time , they neglect to do other activities such as doing exercises , reading newspaper , chatting with others and so forth . Moreover , parents want their children to get better result in their school examinations . These parents hadn't got a beautiful result during their school examinations . They just want their children to make better than them . This is often happened in this epoch . If you can't do , why you want to force your children to do it also ? Is it fair ? Students too focus on their studies in order to get better result , most of them will burn the candles at both ends . It harms their health ! Do you think sheets of paper can decide your life and future ? I do not concur with this point . Exam system should be banned . To exemplify , it harms students' health . Last year , it was a governments' examinations . Totally , 3  candidates were passed away during examinations . Because , they were too edgy and couldn't bear the feeling of having so much pressure . One of them just fainted after the exam papers were distributed . By according the report , he had heart attack . Perhaps , he was too nervous and couldn't bear it . So , don't you think it must be banned ? Exam system carries people's life !

   People think it can motivate students . However ,  I don't think so . Most of students just give up their studies when they get bad result during their learning journey . They lost interest of studying . They may find some bad activities to kick boredom such as smoking , drinking beer , sweet talking girls , playing truant and so forth . Don't you think exam system can't bring positive effect to students . On the other hand , it leads students to hell . Do you think exam system should be banned ? When students don't get satisfied results , parents would scold them , give them serious punishment . What is the aim for examinations ? Such a pointless thing ! I can't discover any advantage of having examinations . 

  In this materialistic epoch , people often think students who can't pass examinations with flying colours are bad students . They may lost interest of studying . Later , they may become unscrupulous people , lazy students or even gangsters . Teachers will neglect students who just get bad result in their examinations . This will let down students . They may think they're useless . At the end , they may become rascals , scoundrels . So , I think exam system must be banned . 

   After that , people think exam system can prove their hard work . I do not agree with this point . This is such a stupid thought ! Some of students put off their effort in order to get good result . However , sometimes they don't achieve what they think . Furthermore , cheating in examinations may be occured . What's the point for people to have exam system ? 

   In summation , I just want to declare exam system is such a pointless activity . Those who see eyes to eyes with me , SAY YES !

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