Never Let Go || a Niley™ fanfic

Ok,so this is based off a little yaoi at my school,so,here's some made up stories I came up with for these guys...cuz they're kinda like BROTHERS...((#awkwardmoment..btw I trademarked Niley because I came up with this GRNIUS idea ^,^))

Noah Alverson was always alone whenever he was at school. He DID have friends..but he always wanted his cousin,Riley Johnson,to be there with him. Now that Riley has joined,Noah might be having different,but stronger feelings for Riley


1. Finding Riley at School

I walk into the school and sigh. I've been into many,MANY schools before,none really coming into my satisfaction. If anything having KATLIN here with me would've been comfortable. Well,done is done...and there's no way she's leaving our old school.

As I fix my sweater, I fall,due to a crack in the ground. *BEEP*ing cracks! I wish tey could just *beep* themselves! Anyways,everyone's there laughing at me. I begin to push myself up,ashamed,but a hand is held out in front of me and I instantly know who it is:Riley Johnson.

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