Iris: McGowen: Human Fairy

Iris McGowen lived a normal life with no secrets until her 18th birthday when she finds out from her parents that she is not fully human but half human and half fairy, she must accept the truth and go to Faeridom where she meets two brave and strong siblings just like herself and an unlikely handsome fairy prince of Faeridom who will stop at nothing to help Iris on her quest as she goes on a journey to save her long-lost Mother.


1. Anticipation

I was super excited to wake up this morning not because it was Saturday and the start of Spring but because it was a very special day for me. I looked at my calendar again to make sure I was not dreaming my mind away. And surely it is March 21, yeah! My official 18th birthday!! How I've been dreaming of this day! Ever since I turned fifteen I couldn't wait to be eighteen.

I still remember the day of my 15th birthday:

"Honey, how does it feel being 15?" My Mom asked me curiously

"Well it feels good but I still don't see any change in me." I told them hoping for a helpful answer from them but they just looked at me with worried faces, my Dad eying my Mom as if they were hiding something.

"Iris you're completely fine there is nothing wrong with you." My Mom tried to sound sure but somehow to me it felt like she was not telling me the truth. 

"I don't believe you Mom, there is something else you are not telling me, and that Dad knows also." I gazed at them both impatiently. The dinning room was never this silent before until my Dad spoke, my Mom pacing back and forth.

"It's a secret that we've kept away from you for years but that we can't tell you until you turn 18."

"What? So you guys mean to tell me that I have to wait two more years to find out?" I stood up from my chair not caring anymore about my cake or present, only wanting to be in my room so that I can disappear for a while.

"Yes honey you have to. It's for your own good." They were about to reach for me for a hug but I didn't budge. I just went running to my room to be alone.

So yeah I spent the remaining two years of my teenage life wondering and coming up with clues as to what that secret might be about. But most of all wondering why I can feel when people are lying or telling the truth, why I can disappear on times of great danger, know other people's feelings so clearly, look so young, and transform things into something else.

And now that I am turning 18 I was to find out.


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