Vine Welder was in the Blue dorm of Reneverd Selder. When it was time to escape the rest of her dorm didn't come with her. She tries to not get seen by them, but they find her in every camp she goes to. She learns about the Blue virus by some people that she met. Can she get her fellow people from the Blue dorm and cure the virus? Find out in Blue. {Credits go to MahoganyPumpkin by making the cover}


1. Prologue



"Mother where are we going?" I asked. She cried and hugged me. She kept on saying sorry.

"You didn't do anything bad mother. You can stop saying sorry." I said, but she didn't.

When she stopped she looked at me with a face that shown sadness and somehow regret.

"Remember this. You, Vine, have so much potential in you. Never be afraid never look back always keep running. Okay?" I nodded, but I still wanted to know where mother is taking me.


We stopped in front of a gate. The building looked all gothic like. There were a lot of kids with their parents. Some were even crying.

"People! Welcome to Reneverd Selder." A man announced.

"I will call out the names of children and they will be placed in groups." An old woman said.

There were ten Red, sixteen Yellow, eight Purple, nine Green, and only twelve Orange.

"Vine Welder. Blue?"

"Here, Vine. We will meet again sometime." Mother gave me a heart shaped necklace and kissed my forehead.

Mother left and the gate closed.

"Little people! I will guide you to your rooms."

"Sir, but there's a Blue." I heard the woman say.

"Who cares. I never visited the Blue section in a long time since the last problem."

We followed the man through some halls and stopped in front of a blue colored door. The woman opened the door and we all went inside.

"Hello, Blue people!"

People came out of beds and behind walls.

"I would like you to meet your new recruit. . . err. . . I mean little person, Vine Welder." The man quickly corrected himself.

They left and closed the door. The room went pitch black.

"Someone get the lights." I heard running and then a click.

I shielded my eyes from the bright light. When I got used to them there were many people looking at me. I think they are my age, but some are a bit older.

"How old are you, Vine?"

"Seven." I answered.

An old man with a white beard walked in front of the group.

"Then her training begins now."

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