Those days

It's not a story it's a song. I make up MILLIONS OF SONGS even by looking at a word and I did it as I go along so this is one of my songs


1. Those days

those days, were the scariest days of my life. And everyday, I'd be walkin down the river side. But since I failed my exams, I couldn't be the populer one. So I said, stand up tall and do again because I want not even once,give up. When I came to school, there where girls standing there  saying look,they shoved a paper in my face and it was mine, my exam results.


I read my mind with all the things inside. With the safest and the saddest and the exam results, but this was years ago so like I care or should I? I picked up my photo album looked at high school with pewds and these days are all in the past. Like trouble and the sads. So when did I become me or become truthful but I only finished high school three years ago.


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