The Wrong Memories

Clara is no ordinary teenage girl . She has been kept in the dark , hidden for all of her life. Memorys swarm her head driving her insane every day , the strange thing is : the memorys aren't hers.


1. A nomal Monday morning


I slowly slithered over to my groaning alarm clock and rubbed my eyes getting used to the blinding light.
"why did it have to be Monday" I said to myself. "ugh".

It also meant that I had therapy with Jean. Jean is my grumpy, old therapist that I have had for the last two years at the hospital. Yes I live in the metal hospital , yes I hear voices and yes people think I'm mad. It all started when my parents died 7 years ago ( I'm 14 ) in a plane crash . I was luckily at home staying with my grandmas at the time.

I got changed into a pair of black leggings and a dark navy blue long sleeve t-shirt. I've never been a fan of colour. After I began to brush my chocolate brown hair and washed my face using an ocean blue flannel from a jug of water that was in the corner of the room. I hate it when people come in without me knowing, just having the thought that someone is beside you when you are asleep scares me. But I've never really seen many people here just Jean and Francis ( a doctor in the ward).I never went out of this very bedroom for two years. I was hidden, shut off from the world. Anyway its better like that. Calmer.

"why our you so tired Clara " Someone spoke as I yawned. I cautiously looked around. No one was there.

" LEAVE ME ALONE  ! " I shouted " GO AWAY"

They were back again . The voices that tortured me everyday, pretending to be my friend the next screaming at me to grab a knife and slice myself to pieces. Then the screams started. I collapsed on my metallic bed and pulled the pillow on top of my head, attempting to block them out. Then suddenly I went into my own little replaying and replaying the screams.
The memories started but the thing was that they wasn't mine ; they were memories of a young, lonely boy. He was standing at the top of a tall , dark tower.
"JUMP!" screamed a crackling voice! "JUMP YOU COWARD"
the boy stepped closer and closer to the edge. Counting down in his mind like a ticking bomb .
Suddenly my eyes opened and I realised there was someone in the room.
" Hi , I'm Neville , Neville Longbottom your new therapist "

~~H-h-hi m-my name is C-Clara " I mangedge to stutter out
" where's Jean  ? "
" Well ... Jean has retired. Didn't she tell you " he replied
"No"  feeling even more depressed than earlier " No one ever tells me anything they just leave and abandon  me." "I should be used to it "
"No you shouldn't. Your a smart , beautiful  girl and I make this promise   to you that I will never, ever leave you"
" LIA! " I shouted
"Clara calm down ! "
I saw a twinkle in his eye. Should I trust him I thought to myself ? I stood still as a statue staring at him analysing  his appearance. Neville had light blonde hair , skin that shined like the sun and  a brown , raggedy  jumper.
"Why should I trust you ? " I asked
" You should trust me because I understand what you have gone through"
I burst out in tears dripping down my red face.
Then I paused. Why haven't I realised this ? My mouth opened wide in shock. The voices. They were gone. It was the first time in years when I have ever had control in life. I collapsed onto my bed.
" the-the-the voices there gone " I spoke
" I know " he said with a smile " I know "
" Now lets sit down and talk.


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