Multi Genre - Shameleon

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  • Published: 22 May 2014
  • Updated: 22 May 2014
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1. Short Story

Calvin Tonto                                        Daniel Young


The Red Bulls and the Blue Eagles huddled as the game clock wound down to its final seconds. With the Eagles in the lead,  Coach Watson of the Red Bulls screamed at his players and called the final play. The Bulls cheered and rushed out to their positions. Calvin Tonto readied himself, he took a quick glance at Andrew, his quarter-back, and nodded. 2 Y Banana. The ball was snapped and Calvin sprinted past the line between his teammates. One of Calvin’s teammates yelled at Andrew telling him he was open. Andrew looked and threw the ball high up straight to the receiver as he was tackled by several players. The ball slowly descended on top of the receiver but before it got to him, Calvin took a quick turn, looking at the ball, oblivious to the fact he was about to collide with his teammate. Calvin took a leap and so did his teammate, as the ball touched his hands it quickly slipped away as he knocked into his teammate, causing the turnover. The Eagles had possession and all they had to do now was waste the clock, they snapped the ball and the game was immediately over and the Eagles were once again the champions for three straight years.


After the game, the Bulls gathered in the locker rooms and Coach Watson gave the usual inspirational speech to his players telling them to cheer up and that they will win next year. As soon as Watson left, everyone glanced at Calvin. Andrew approached him and blamed him for not listening and following the play which is what caused the game. All the other players wanted to say something to Calvin as well but were intimidated by his size, since he was the biggest in the whole league. Calvin quickly grabbed his equipment and walked out of the lockers, ashamed that he failed his team.


It was the end of the season and with that, came the beginning of summer vacation. Calvin was moving on to his senior year which meant his last year of football in high school. After the big loss, he is motivated to work and train even harder to win the championship. On the last day of junior year, Calvin received his semester report card. He had ended with a 2.5 GPA, which, according to the high school’s regulations, is just above being eligible to play in the league, however it wasn’t enough to satisfy his parents. Calvin knew that senior year was going to be even more of a challenge to keep his grades up. Calvin walked home alone from school, he looked up at the sky and stepped on rotten leaves because he loved to hear the crunch of it being broken apart into small pieces. When Calvin arrived home, he placed his report card onto the kitchen counter instead of handing it to his parents himself and went straight to sleep to avoid the reaction his parents will give him after they see his grades, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the wrath of his parents steps through his door. He woke up at the middle of the night and spent a few minutes looking straight up into his ceiling reimagining his final game in his mind and the look his teammates gave him. The look of disappointment and despondence, Calvin went back to sleep.


Six in the morning and he was sound asleep. His parent knocked on his door but there was no answer. His parents burst in,  screaming and complaining how his grade were the worse they had ever seen. Calvin looked at their faces with his eyes still blurred from just gaining consciousness. But he could still see the look of disappointment in their faces. His mother was very strict about his grades but his father only wanted his grades to be good enough to make college and play football. His father was a professional football player back in the day and so he knew how Calvin felt.


    After listening to his parents rant about his academics, Calvin went straight to the school field and trained. He didn’t want to ask any of his teammates to join him because he knew they were probably still mad at him about the final game.


    Calvin continued to train everyday from dawn until dusk for the rest of the summer, he did not see any of his friends. He was determined and motivated to win the championships. By the end of summer, he was bigger, stronger, faster, and a better football player. Although, he did forget a bigger issue which was his grades.


    Senior year began and Calvin was ready to work hard. Everyday after school he would spend a couple hours in the library just studying to get ahead of school work, then he would walk home alone. One day, Calvin stopped by the cafe nearby his school to have a small snack. When he entered through the door Andrew and his teammates were there as well having a laugh and talking about last week’s NFL game between the Vikings and the Lions. As soon as Calvin stepped through the door his heavy steps made the wooden tiles shake. Everything went silent and his teammates looked at him with straight faces, Calvin knew they were frightened because he had gotten even brawnier over the summer. He sat down at the opposite corner of his teammates and rested his arms on the small table. Afterward he left and proceeded home.


    Calvin went straight upstairs and to his room. He entered and didn’t bother to turn on the lights and just crashed onto his bed as it slid against the hard wall. He laid on his back and looked around his dark room. Right above his bed posted on the wall was a big poster of his father playing football. At the far side where his bed was facing, stood a shelf where he placed all his MVP medals and championship trophies from middle school. Eventually Calvin drifted to sleep.


    The bright rays of sunlight shined through the curtains onto Calvins face. He got up and quickly put on his training gear ready to go outside.  It was 2 months before football season started, so Calvin trained even harder, still without any of his teammates.


    After 2 months had passed he went to football tryouts, his coaches looked at him impressed by his size and improved athleticism. Many people quit in the middle of tryouts because they would either get injured or were too frightened to play against the upperclassmen. The players were terrified of Calvin and no one wanted to get in his way when they scrimmaged. Finally practice ended and the players rushed to the locker rooms. Some of the people too unfit for the exercises were throwing up out on the field after practice and freshmen were crying from being pummeled too hard by the seniors.


    Two weeks of strenuous tryouts finally ended and the varsity team was chosen after being cut down from about 200 students. The Red Bulls had 30 games the whole season and the finals followed after that. Calvin played every game of the season and they barely made it into the finals. Although they had the best players in the league by stats and skills, there was no team chemistry. People argued every game about miscalls and teammates would get into fights. Andrew finally confronted Calvin and told him that if they were going to win, he is going to have to be a team player and listen to the plays Andrew calls. But Calvin said he didn’t care about the team and he is going to win the championship on his own.


    On his way home he ran into three of the players from the Blue Eagles, one of them was Bryan Ross. Calvin considered Bryan as a rival since he had been playing against him since middle school and now they were both seniors. Bryan and his friends stood in front of him. Although Calvin was bigger than the three of them, they still looked a lot more intimidating, “I’m gonna break your team” Bryan pushed Calvin aside with his shoulder, Calvin didn’t move an inch but he was still irritated by the Eagles.  Calvin quickly stopped by the coffee shop where he knew Andrew would be, he told him he is going to listen to him and win the championship together.


    The finals began next day, it was raining hard, the crowd was bigger and louder than they had ever been. Calvins heart was racing as his team got onto the field. They glared at the Eagles. Hike. Eagles quarterback took the ball and he faked a pass and ran past the defence, he didn’t see Calvin however knock him out of bounds. The Eagles QB was a little disoriented by being smashed by Calvin and he picked his helmet up. The Eagles ran a play and the QB threw a quick short pass to a receiver who ran through the defense. The Bulls were faked out and Bryan of the Eagles scored. The two teams battled back and forth and until the clock went down to its final seconds. Finally it was the last play. Bulls possession, they huddled and the Coach Watson spoke personally to Calvin telling him it was an honor coaching him for all these years. The Bulls rushed out to the field. 2 Y Banana. Calvin and Andrew looked at each other. The ball was snapped to Andrew and the Bulls’ wall of linemen was fighting back the Eagles. Andrew threw the ball at Calvin who was already way past the Eagles defense. The ball hit Calvin in the chest hard and he held it close to him protecting it. Calvin ran as quick as he could to make the touchdown, he was almost there, the crowd cheered louder and louder as he got closer. It seemed as if the Eagles had stopped chasing him but when he was about to make the touchdown, Bryan tackled Calvin from his blind side and the ball fell loose. Calvin and Bryan raced for the ball shoving each other out of the way. Calvin fell onto the floor and Bryan ran past him but Calvin quickly tapped his ankle causing him to trip. The two players were flat on the field while the ball was still on the ground waiting to be picked up. The crowd cheered and out of the blue Andrew came running in with several Eagles behind him as he swooped the ball up and dove for the touchdown. The Eagles all dropped to the floor and Andrew jumped up and threw the ball up to the stands. The Bulls cheered together as they were announced as the new champions. As Calvin walked off the field, his father hugged him and told him he was proud of him. Soon after, a person from the stands approached Calvin, he was a scout from Oregon. He told Calvin he was impressed by his display of skills but mostly his team’s chemistry. Calvin broke a smile for the first time in a long time.


    After the game, the Bulls gathered in the locker rooms for the last time, Calvin sat down exhausted but cheerful inside as all his teammates were jumping and screaming at one end of the room together. Calvin looked at his team and realized that he wasn’t alone and that there was more to winning in football. Andrew approached Calvin, they grabbed wrists tightly and Andrew pulled him up. They all celebrated together as a team.  


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