Crossing Frontiers

Its about a girl that has to fight for her freedom.Her daddy came to the USA for better luck and has been gone for years. her quest is to find her dad and get her freedom.


1. December 15, 1999

 Papi and I were on beautiful mountain Papi said. " You see all of this one day I want you to remember me each time you come up hear and see these mountains." Anita said " Si Papi but I will never forget you." "I hope not my nina." said Papi. We hurried home to see my Mami and Abuela they were in the kitchen."Mija can you get me the masa." My Mami said . 


I would have loved alot to stay at the age of 4 because my dream boy Emilio and I met at the fall festival. Me and him are just best friends. 


At night I heard my Papi and Mami talking. Papi said."Vieja I need to go al norte. There is no good jobs for me I need to cross the frontier to find better luck. Those were the last words I heard that night.

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