Gate Guardian

My name is Kendy Ford and I am a daydreamer. I daydream about kissing Mark Halloway, the dreamiest guy in school, that I’m a film actress, and that my parents reconcile their differences. I also dream about being a powerful being—not the kind who can catch bullets with her teeth, grow fangs, or shift into werewolves, but the kind gifted with the ability to control the elements.

In real life, it’s my first year at R.J. Parkland High in North Texas, which is light years, from my beachfront home in Ventura, California. To wedge the knife deeper into my soul, no one remembers that it' my 16th birthday. Suck-o-rama!

Things could not have been any worse, except for a school fight that has me sitting in detention with a psycho girl claiming to be my shade—a ghostly guide, sent by my past life to train me for a battle with a reincarnated dark lord. Clearly she's crazy. But if she is, then why am I the only one who can see her?


1. Prologue

 This isn’t the type of story about a girl getting crazy, wicked powers, as a teenager and then runs off to learn her past so that she can save the world.  Nor is it a story about some disgruntled, misfit at school who’s bullied mercilessly, and suddenly becomes some amazing hero.  I like to keep Superman and Wonder Woman archetypes for the comics.  What I’m talking about is real life.  My life.  And sure, there are some elements of what I’ve just described cropping in the back story, but my story, is different, because I’m different, than all the werewolves, Twilight bound, fae tales you’ve been reading about and watching. 

I’m not bitter about what’s happened to me.  There’s no “why me” pity parties either.  However, I am pretty agged that I don’t get to run around in some super-cool vigilante uniform.  I mean, in the divvying of powers, I can’t tell how I rate.  But I do know, that what I can do will blow your mind…literally.

I suppose this is the part where I have to connect to you, you know, so that you’ll become endeared to my plight.  Maybe after I break things down a little, you’ll be on Team Kendy, or some crap like that right?  Okay, so let’s see.  I’m not going to start from when I was a kid. I mean I only have so many pages to tell this tale.  So, I’ll start from the moment I moved into Gran Adele’s decrepit two-story house of horror that my dear, ever-hopeful mom turned into a something halfway normal. 

From the moment, I laid eyes on Gran Adele's creepy, old house that was two bricks short of barely standing, I wanted to bolt out of it and hitch a ride back to Ventura, California.  But I couldn't. This drab, dust-ridden, rickety structure was my new home, and Gran Adele, bless her eccentric, little soul, willed this deathtrap to my mom, who's convinced that an extreme makeover is all that it needs. What it really needs is a stick of dynamite to blow it from the earth.

Oh yeah, this is also when I turned sixteen and no one remembered this special day except for a shade, or ghost guardian,  named Meoshi Shanakturi.  Yep, that’s a tongue twister.  Batman gets Robin, Bella gets a disarmingly handsome Edward and a beyond sexy Jacob, and Clary gets Jace.  And me?  I get a ruthless, cunning, centuries-old shade with a hellafied twister of a name, who has a sick and twisted way of training folks.

Ya see…now I’m getting ahead of myself.  So I’ll back things up…just a bit. 

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