Demons meet Angels

Meet Seiko Shinogarma or Kayleigh Domon or Willow Defeel she has had three names and lived in three different countries sence she found out she was a demon by killing her best friend when she had an argument her real name Lucy Fur Satin also know as the princess of the under world and daughter of the dreaded fearful devil/satin/lucifer himself....


1. The Start Of Something Special

"I like you... As in like like you.... But I also have a secret... You can't tell anyone k?.... I'm part demon" yep that would go down perfectly he wouldn't believe me and I would laugh with him then he would say "really.. No way I like you too I just couldn't find how to tell you" and he wouldn't even ask about the fact that I had just said I was part demonic it would all go down perfectly so if he ever did find out I could tell him that I had told him so there.

Any way that was what was going to happen until we were attacked by a demon and I was forced to save him which meant I was forced to show my true colours as you put it as in black and white. He saw me I didn't know what to do he just stared straight at me my horrible red eyes glared back then I turned and ran well flew my blood coloured wings that look almost like a dragons batterd behind me I changed form just before I got in the door well this was going to be the worst day ever I started packing my bags when I heard the door bang "sieko I know your there you left the door wide open" crap what was I going to do he was hear in my house oh nonononononoooo what was he doing here did he not just see what I was:

Hero: hey

Sieko: crap what are you doing here

Hero: I came to see you what are you doing are you leaving

Sieko dammit hero didn't you see what I just turned into I could have killed you

Hero but you didn't you saved me

Sieko how can act as if I'm not a monster

Hero your not a monster your my friend

Sieko please leave you just going to get yourself killed I can't control my demon half

Hero so that is what that was you part demon

Sieko yes and it is very hard to control so please just go

Hero but you have been able to hold it infor this long

Sieko I know but what happens if someone angers me I can never stay in the same place for to long its bad enough I have over stayed my welcome here

Hero no you haven't what are you taking about you....

Suddenly hero was cut off for the letter box

Sieko what was that post man comes at 11:00 not 9:00

Hero well let's go look

We walked down the stares to find a letter on the floor it's addressed to me so I open it

Dear Princess of the under world,

You have been invited to attend the school of demonic and angelic powers for the year you will need:

1 set of wings which we presum you have inherited from your father

A quill and ink and you may bring a friend however they will either be turned into a demon or angle depends which one you are and in your case they be turned into an angle so they wouldn't know what to aspect when they come.

Your sincerely,

J. Keller

What hero asked me to read out loud so I did

Hero awesome please take me with you

Sieko what no I'm not going besides I think it's got the wrong person I am defiantly not the princess of the under world so there must be wrong address suddenly another letter poped through the box and read

Didn't get the wrong person you are the daughter of the almighty sinfull lucifer

What no way screw this some one is messing with me and then another letter

Nope not screwing with you oh and forgot to put in the letter that you need to pack your bags now and your friends because school starts in two days when your ready you may just call us when your clock beeps 6:66 as you may notice because the usual clock doesn't say that bye then.

Okay so I was the daughter of the mighty lucifer and I was going to a school to learn about how to use my powers and taking my best friend whom I have a crush on to the same school


I packed my bags straight away told hero and we got his bags ready we told our parents mum was fine with me because she had know all along it was a bit of hard work for Herod mum to agree in the end we decided to send his mum a letter in the post telling her all the details but instead it told her it was a boarding school for some of the most smartest kids in the country and she thought I was going to so that's what we did and she agreed because she would be able to finally get her son a proper education and she told him he was going no matter what.

Hey guys next update they will be going to the school so yeah see you then and comment and fav if you think its good

~Honey Bunny xx

P.S by the way please comment on any changes that should be made it is my very first story so please be kind and please if there is any changes that need to be made comment as soon as possible as need to know soon before I start chapter 2.

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