Those Big blue eyes

I know what your thinking, girl meets Nash, they fall in love, and get married but this story's a little different

"I finally get to meet this guy cams always talking about, I wonder what he's like"

Hi my names erin and I've been cams friend since grade six, he's always talking about his best mate but I've never gotten to meet him, until now

Erin has been through alot but will things get better or worse?


1. the beginning

Erin's point of view

Hi I'm erin, I'm cams friend and we've been friends since sixth grade. He's always going on and on about this one friend he has from the magcon group but he's never told me his name. I don't really use vine or youtube or Instagram or anything like that so I don't know any of them.

I was laying on my bed watching TV when I got a call from cam. "Hey erin, how are you" he asked

"Good thanks, and yourself" I replied "yeah I'm good, there's someone at my house I want you to meet, be here at 10?" "Sure" I said cheerfully.

I got to his house and knocked on his door, cam came and opened it and greeted me in. "So who is it" I asked. "It's a surprise, but I'm sure u will like him". We walked into his room when I saw a boy laying on his bed. He was gorges and i couldn't think straight so I just stood there like an idiot. I fixed myself up and said cheerfully "hi I'm erin, what's your name?" The boy just laughed and looked over at cam, cam shook his head In disappointment "I told you before she doesn't know anyone in the gang" he whispered to the guy on the bed. "My names Nash, Nash Grier"

Hey I hope your enjoying it so far, this is my first book so if you could give me feedback and maybe some tips to help me out that would be great. I will try to publish a new chapter everyday so if u like this so far tell your friends about it and make it a tiny bit popular, thanks xx

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