Ida. [Supernatural fanfic]

After 20 years of being dead, a regular road haunting turns into a painful accident after Ida Jones finds out she's no longer dead.
Curious about the reasons for her resurrection, demon hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester help her uncover secrets, which may not answer questions, but bring up more.
Many more.
//Set in Supernatural season 1//


1. Thrown off the scent

Within a few seconds there was a collision. Who would walk along a dark road in the middle of the night? The owners of the Chevrolet Impala were asking themselves this question. 

The car door opened and the driver was met with a cloud of dust from the road. He brushed the dust out of his face and went over to take a look at the situation at stake.

''Is she injured?'' The man in the passenger seat asked, shouting out of the open window.

The driver looked down at a teenage girl. He dropped down and checked her pulse. She was breathing, which was always good. He carefully lifted her up, making sure he didn't hurt her, and took her back to the car. She was light, and disturbingly skinny, so it didn't take long.

''We need to get her to a hospital, Sammy.'' He said, Opening the back door with one hand and carefully sitting her on the seat. ''Where's closest from here?''

''Don't call me Sammy. And that'd be.. Holdenville general hospital, about a mile away.'' The other man said, looking back. ''Dean, how bad is she hurt?''

''No idea..'' Dean looked at the girl, checking for any visible blood and bruises. ''Probably broke a rib or something, we weren't exactly going the speed limit. Can't see any blood though, that's good, right?''

''Right. So we'll make sure she's safe in the back, take her to the hospital, then continue the search for dad?'' Sam asked.

''Yeah. That's the plan.'' Dean clicked the seat belt across the girl for safety, then headed back to the driver's seat. He slammed the door closed after him and took a deep breath, placing his hands on the steering wheel. It was almost as if life was trying to throw them off finding their dad. He put his foot down and off they drove down the road. ''Holdenville general hospital, here we come.''

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