Wilting Rose

This is a Drarry fanfiction.
After the war, Harry gets fed up with his magical life. He escapes to a muggle university for some peace and quiet. There, he meets his nemesis, Draco Malfoy and now, his room-mate. Just went things are finally settling down, a new dark lord rises to power and its up to Harry, Draco, Hermione and Luna to put an end to this new dark lord.


1. Meetings


Draco Malfoy was sitting on his dorm bed, sipping a glass of bubbly water. He had come to this muggle university to escape and had change his last name to Parker. He glanced at the other side of the room that was currently empty. His roommate hadn't made an appearance yet, Draco was hoping he wouldn't show, so that he could use his magic without worrying of stupid muggles. The door banged open and a boy with auburn hair walked in, carrying a big box. Draco eyed the other male apprehensively, taking in the build, the glasses that enlarged his emerald green eyes, the same eyes that had charmed and repulsed Draco throughout the years. The eyes of Harry Potter.


Harry walked in his dorm room, carrying a big box full of his stuff. His eyes swept the room, taking in the empty side and then travelling to a side that had a bed that had a green cover and a silver pillow. Sitting on that bed, sipping a drink, lounged a willowy, good looking blonde male with a slight upturned nose.


Draco choked on his drink. He doubled Over coughing and heard a box drop and someone thumping his back with a warm hand. Springing away, Draco glared at the other boy. "Are you okay?" Asked Potter, full of concern, probably fake. When He didn't respond, Potter continued. "My name is Harry, Harry Potter. And you are?" He said, extending his hand. Draco's eyes widened in shock, the other boy didn't recognize him! "My name is Draco Parker." He said, making no move to shake the offered hand. See how he like a taste of his own medicine. Thought Draco angrily, he remembered the day on Hogwarts express. "You look familiar" said Potter "do I know you?" "No." He said, glaring at Potter and he marched briskly out of the room.


Harry stood there, staring in shock at the blond boy who juste rushed out of the room, Harry knew he looked familiar, he just knew it! Harry was going to get to the bottom if this. But first, he thought glumly, he had to unpack.


Draco sulked high up in a tree, he amused himself turning the colour on the leaves different colours with his wand. What was Potter doing here? Just what he needed, Potter finding out the reasons he left and then start laughing and jeering at him. I will not tell Potter who I am. Thought Draco, changing a leaf to emerald green. He quickly changed it to yellow, glaring.


Harry walked on the college grounds, his hands in his pockets, deep in thought. He was annoyed at the platinum haired boy, he was someone Harry knew, but He just didn't know who...Harry passed under a tree, that glinted different colours in the sun.


Draco looked down and froze as he saw Potter come into view at the bottom of the tree. The boy sat down at the trunk and put his face in his hands. His shoulders started shaking . Was..was Potter crying!?! After a moment as Draco watched the other male, he climbed down to the ground.

"Hey Potter." Draco said, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets. Potter jerked his head up and his swollen eyes landed on him. The green eye'd boy turned his head to the side, refusing to acknowledge Draco. Sighing, Draco slide down to the ground beside Potter. Potter sniffled and pulled of his glasses, wiping them with his sleeve and put them back on. "Your going to yell and stomp some more at me?" Potter asked, not able to keep the tremble from his voice. "No." Draco answered "Im here to ask why your crying." Draco looked at Potter.


Harry turned his head, meeting the gaze of the platinum blond. He immediately wished he hadn't. He could only see those blue eyes, the colour in them seemed to shift and swirl, different emotions hidden in the depths of them. Harry found himself talking. "I'm crying because of life. I-I had to leave this wonderful place because it was getting to much, you know? My best friend wont talk to me, I found my girl friend cheating on me... The people there don't like me anymore. My only three friends can't talk to me because either there parents forbid them to or that they moved somewhere else." Harry gave a small sob, and continued. "And I can't really explain it fully to everyone because they'll think I'm crazy. Hell, I shouldn't be telling you this either. And I just can't deal with it anymore so I came here, which obviously didn't do much, so I guess that makes me a coward, so basically I am going against the ways of the place I really felt happy and...I-I just wish-" Harry broke into fresh tears.


Draco stared shocked at the boy he had once despised and admired despite himself. He had always thought that Potter had it all, the admirers, the fame, the fortune, the friends... Had always thought that nothing could break him. Yet here he was, crying over the mess his life had come to. Draco felt a sudden flash of anger at Potter's so called best friend. Why did the weasleys do this. Draco gazed at Potter, it was hard to hate him when he was broken and vulnerable like this. Draco suddenly found himself with his arms around Potter, patting his back, listening to the sorrows of the other boy's life.


Harry walked back to his dorm, feeling more confused then ever about his roommate. He had not laughed at him like Harry thought he would, nor had he sneered. This proved that Draco Parker had a compassionate side. Huh. This put a spin on things.


Draco lounged on his bed, having just apparated. He was still shocked, angry and slightly disturbed of the scene with Potter crying. The door opened and he walked in. Potter stopped and blushed slightly as he saw Draco. His hand shoved quickly into his pocket where Draco supposed his wand was kept. Draco raised an eyebrow and stored at Potter's hand, forgetting for a moment that he was suppose to be a muggle. Draco cleared his throat and gestured to the portable mini fridge. "You want a drink?" "Sure." Said Potter and cached the drink Draco threw at him. "Fire whiskey?" Potter asked, staring at the label. Bloody hell. "Fire whiskey?" Draco asked innocently, cringing internally at his stupidity. Potter looked from the bottle in his hand, to the green covers, to Draco himself. His emerald green eyes widened and the bottle dropped from his hand smashing against the floor, sending glass and fire whiskey all over. Draco backed away slowly. "Y-your MALFOY!!!" Potter shouted, heat rising into his cheeks. Potter's hands started shaking and he drew out his wand. "I wouldn't use that right now." Draco drawled, thought he had fear pulsing  through him "we are, in fact, in a building full of muggles." Potter dropped the wand back in his pocket but then charged at Draco. Draco's head slammed into the wall, Potter's arm was pushing his throat, pinning him against the wall. Draco's breathing became ragged. "You filthy pure blood ferret!" Potter Yelled, increasing the pressure on Draco's neck. "I-I trusted... And to think!" Potter muttered to himself uncomprehendingly. Draco stammered, wheezing "P-Potter, do you think you can magic your way out of jail if they find me dead in this room?" Potter removed his arm and Draco fell limp, rubbing his neck which was marked with blue. Potter looked at him and muttered "Im sorry about that." And left the room, slamming the door.


Harry stomped around the university grounds, seething from the inside. How DARE he! Harry had been such a fool to believe that Draco Malfoy had finally left his life. In fact, Draco was probably laughing his head off at Harry's stupidity... Argh! But still, He shouldn't have lost his temper like that. Malfoy always made him so angry and irrational. Harry sighed and watched the sun set. Tomorrow was muggle classes. Grumbling to himself, Harry walked back to his dorm.


Draco lounged on his green bed, waving his wand around and making sparks appear randomly. The scar boy walked in again, his newest sulking fest finished. “Hello, do you usually great old friends by strangling them?” Draco asked, gazing at Potter, smirking. Potter grunted and collapsed on his now red bed with gold pillows. What an eye sore. Shrugging, Draco turned to a weird looking oval shaped thing. “Why is there a disfigured egg in here?” He asked, looking at Potter. The brown haired boy looked up from his pillow and stared questioningly at Draco before setting his gaze on the egg thing. Potter burst into laughter. Draco started blushing, wondering why he was laughing. “That's not an egg” Potter said in a superior voice “Its a radio. A muggle machine that plays music.” Draco must have still looked puzzled, because Potter pulled himself off his bed, chuckling softly, over to the radio/egg. Potter pressed a button and a horrible wailing filled the room. “Argh!” Draco said, covering his ears. “Make it stop! Its worse then a banshee.” Potter was really laughing now, shaking and doubling over. But he turned a dial and a more pleasant music started playing. “Muggles have weird taste in entertainment.” Draco said dismissively, trying to cover up the embarrassment he felt as four eyes continued to laugh. “Hey four eyes!” Draco was quite pleased with his new nickname “You might want to stop laughing, you'll end up choking.” Draco said, his lips pursed as Potter's face turned red. “Yeah, sorry.” But he didn't sound sorry, he was still chuckling as he pulled off his shirt and went under the red covers. Draco forgot he was suppose to be annoyed as he stared at Potter. “What?” Potter asked self consciously, looking down at himself. “N-nothing” Draco stammered as he faced the wall and pulled of his shirt himself. Then he quickly wrapped his blanket around himself, snuggling into the covers that still smelled like home. “What's on your back?” Potter asked. “Nothing.” Draco snapped coldly, glaring at the wall. He peeked at Potter and saw him mutter goodnight before laying his head on his pillow and falling asleep immediately. Sniffling, Draco faced back towards the wall, as tears coursed silently down his face onto his green sheets.


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