Bakery Girl


1. Chapter One

~Amara's POV~

"Shit." I say as I drop a tray of cupcakes on the floor. That's the second time today! I start to clean up the mess when I hear a deep british voice "Need some help there?"... It was Harry! I hadn't seen him in ages! "Harry!" I hug him tightly and he looks me in the eye. His face moves closer to mine and I can feel is breath on my lips. We're so close to kissing that I can already feel his lips on mine-


Then I woke up.


"Damn it.." I look at the clock realise I'm going to be late for class. I pop up and put on a simple T-Shirt and skinny jeans. I pull my hair into a braid then slip on my Vans. I grab my bag and laptop then run out to my truck, throwing all my stuff in the back. I begin to drive to school as I think about Harry more and more.... He moved away in 2010. We were dating then, but we decided we might as well break up because, well, he was going on the X-Factor... And if he made if far, which I was sure he was going to, I would hardly ever see him.. I would've never even imagined him being as famous as he is today... I havent seen him since he left, nor do I really want to. Seeing him would just make the problem worse, one goodbye was enough. I don't want to  have to see the sadness in his eyes again... The tears welling up.. It was horrible. I will never make myself go through that again if I can help it. 


When I arrive at the university, I go straight to first period. I have Biology, but our teacher doesnt even care what we do in there so I grab the book Pride and Prejudice out of my bag and I proceed to read it.. When the class is over, I go outside and sit under a tree in the front of the school. I start sketching my surrondings until it was time for my next class.

~After Classes Are Over~

I get into my car and drive to the bakery I've worked there since I was just 15, now I'm 20. Harry used to work there with me, we never really got any work done though. We would just sit in the kitchen and joke around. I'd throw flour in his face, he'd crack an egg on my head. I honestly don't know how we kept that job, but we did and we had a blast until he left, well now, he's probably forgot about me, and the little bakery we made so many memories in.


~Harry's POV~

"Yeah, Mum the plane just landed... I'll see you in a bit.. Love you too, bye." I hung up the phone and started walking out of the airport. I've been on tour for a very long time now, but I finally get a break to come home and see my mum and sister. I get into my car and start driving home, on the way, I see a small bakery that I used to work at with that girl... I completly went blank trying to think of her name.. 

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