Summer Love

Meredith Morgan. What's the oddest thing about her? She's a Christian, she believes in God. She lives her life simply, and nothing has been much different for her. Until the summer where everything changes. Meeting Niall Horan shouldn't have created years of tears, smiles, laugh and love but I guess that's what happens when you find a summer love that never ends. [Disclaimer- Yes she is a Christian but I will try not to make this book to religious. If religion offends you, by all means don't read and I am not trying to offend anybody :))


1. Prologue



   One more day and then the warm nights and colorful sunsets come to play. The thought of summer drove me through the last day of school. It would be odd sleeping in since I had gotten use to a year, give or take some time, of waking up early. When the last bell had sounded, I was immediately out of the doors, bounding towards my car. It had taken a small time to get home and as soon as I did, I was changing into my bathing suit. I adjusted the anklet on my ankle and the beach necklace on my neck before taking the surfboard from the corner of my room and heading downstairs. Once I was about out the door, I stopped at the laundry room, pulling out my shorts to pull over my bottoms. They definitely stuck to their name, being short and all. I wiggled those up my tanned, long legs before swinging the back door open and running across my deck. I was immediately met with the hot, burning sand as I jumped due to the temperature. I smiled, listening as people talked, waves crashed over each other and as other people surfed far out. My smile widened, my feet running towards the water which was soon lapping over my feet. I ran further into the water, setting the board down and laying stomach down on the surface. I paddled myself out, turning and waiting for a wave to gather. A few minutes passed and I saw a large wave hurdling towards the surfers and I at a fast speed. I bit my lip, smiling in anticipation. I began paddling slowly away from it and as my board was lifted up the wave, I jumped up. My board traveled down the wave, and I urged myself up, flipping off the top of the wave and landing. I heard a few cheers accumulate and the support brought a warm feeling to my mood. The wave bent over me, trapping me in a tunnel and I focused on the light at the end. My board advanced towards it and just as the wave collapsed over itself, I emerged. Cheers raised for all of the surfers but to know even one person was watching brought a sense of importance to me. I looked out towards the shore, and a guy I had never seen before caught my eye. Fluffed, blonde hair and from what I could tell, eyes more blue then the water here. I tore my eyes away from him, another wave toppling over me as I was pushed under. I swam back up, letting out a few coughs as I paddled back to shore. My feet were sandy and my body gleamed with droplets of water but I didn't mind. The guy walked over to me, and his smile already melted me.

   "Hi, I'm Niall." He smiled as his accent caught me off guard. He's from Ireland. I would have thought he was American, just like any other person on this beach.

   "Hi, I'm Meredith!" I smiled in response. Words weren't exchanged between us, instead we just looked at each other. I didn't know what was going on and why this was happening but I wasn't the one to stop it. The sun shone bright, baking my skin and brightening up my vision. I turned away, squinting as I placed my hand beside my eyes in attempts to block the light.

   "You're a really good surfer!" He complimented as I thanked him, pulling my lips into a smile.

   "I've been practicing since I was a young girl! It was always my dream!" I informed as his eyes widened in shock. He exclaimed how I must have been a hard worker and I laughed lightly in agreement.

   "We should hang out sometime! You seem cool!" I suggested nervously as he nodded enthusiastically. I smiled, and I was thankful the heat on my cheeks was held under control. We had spent hours on the beach, most of it consisting of me trying to teach him to surf. I admit, he looked adorable. His hair wet to his head, his crystal blue eyes glistening under the bright light. I looked out at the water, watching as he attempted standing on the board before falling. The scene was amazing all around. A beautifully colored sky, a bright sun and the water which was so clear, you could see the bottom. Today was amazing and I had no idea meeting him on this day would lead to so much more.

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