The Dragon's Kimono

A Chinese Fairy Tale written with my best friend Hannah Velilla


1. The Dragon's Kimono

            Once upon a time, in a land in China long forgotten, there lived a princess named  Ming-hua she was ugly but wanted to get married. She knew that the only way to get married was to get the magical beatifying ancient kimono, but her moochen told her never to go in the woods after dark. After her moochen was fast asleep, she left her mu. To get to the kimono she had to cross the river, pass the dark woods, and past the dragon. When Ming-hua got to the dragon's cave, the dragon screeched and scared her away. Ming-hua ran home before her moochen awoke.  
          The next night Ming-hua went back to the dragon's cave. After being scared away a second time Ming-hua was crying against a tree when she saw a figure appear in the sky.She gasped and said,
 "Oh! great uncle! Who are you?" He responded in a deep voice,
"I am here to help you. Take this zither. If you play it the dragon will fall into an internal sleep, and you may take the kimono. Then you will go to the village and play the zither once more. A wealthy  handsome man named Fu will take your hand in marriage. Your mother will be upset, but to her you will the the zither for a last time, and I will send fondness to her heart. Go now and do what I have said "
A zither landed near Ming-hua, so she took the zither and walked into the dragon's cave playing the zither, and stole the kimono. After she put on the kimono, she turned beautiful. Then, she went to the village to play the zither once more. Then, a young man named Fu came up to Ming-hua and asked for her hand in marriage. Ming-hua looked and saw her moochen's angry disapproving eyes. Before her mother could say anything Ming-hua played the zither. Her moochen's eyes turned quickly to fondness and happiness. Ming-hua,Fu,their son Qi, their daughter Jia, and the younger  daughter Meling lived happily ever after.


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