The Truth Revealed

Story about a young girl's mother's mysterious death. Please read, story better than summary.


1. Chapter One

The Truth Revealed 

    I hear the sound of muffled screaming and my eyes shot open. I looked around, where am I? How did I get here? It was dark, very dark and it felt damp. I had an uneasy feeling inside. Where’s Toby? The last thing I remember was walking with my best friend, Toby. We were going to the coffee shop to hang out and meet up with some friends. More muffled screaming took me out of my thoughts. Where was it coming from? I finally got the strength to get up off the cold floor. I looked around the corner and it was like ever muscle in my body was frozen, I couldn’t move an inch at the sight I saw. My very own mother was tied to a chair and she had duct tape over her mouth. A single tear fell down my cheek as I continued to watch her struggle. Then suddenly, a man appears, holding a very long and sharp blade with ragged edges. My heart was beating fast and my mind was racing and I didn’t know what to do. Then the man made direct eye contact with me and pointed the blade at me, but said nothing.
    I sprung up and my eyes flew open. I was in my room and my face was covered in sweat. I took the covers off of me and went into my bathroom. I looked in the mirror at my reflection and then rinsed my face. I thought about the dream I just had, it brought back so many memories, not good ones. I walked back into my room, sat down on my bed, and held my head in my hands. I looked at the clock on my nightstand and it read, 2:53 a.m. I laid down and pulled my covers back over me, and for the first time since the murder, I let myself breakdown and cry. I cried myself to sleep that night.
    The sun streamed through my curtains and into my room. I stirred in my bed, not wanting to get up. I lifted my head to see my clock and it read, 7:02 a.m. I stretched my arms above my head as I yawned. I walked into my closet, and found black shorts and white tee shirt in my drawer, then I grabbed my Nike air sneakers from under my bed. After I got dressed, I went downstairs into the kitchen. I grabbed my water bottle from the fridge, my ipod from the counter and headed outside. It was nice out, a perfect day to go for a run. I took a small sip of my water , then put it in the mailbox. I put my hair up using my hair tie, put my ipod on shuffle, then I was off. I just ran, I felt so free and wild like I had no limits. I ran through a trail in the woods near my house, my favorite trail to run on because it’s always so quiet. Once I got to the church behind memorial hall, I decided to turn back towards my house. I walked up my driveway, pressed pause on my ipod and hung the earphones around my neck loosely. I grabbed my water bottle and drank the entire thing within 10 seconds.
    When I walked into the kitchen, my dad was cooking up some bacon and eggs for us. He saw me and smiled, “Morning, nice run?” He asked.
“Yeah, perfect weather.” I answered
“Hope you’re hungry.”
“Very.” I smiled at him, ever since the incident, 3 years ago, my dad and I have gotten closer, a lot closer.
“I’m going to change and watch some TV, tell me when it’s ready?” I asked.
“Sure thing, kiddo.” He smiled. I smiled back at him and ran up to my room. I changed into grey sweatpants and a black tank top, and ran downstairs and dived fort he couch. I found the remote in between the cushions and flipped through the movie channels until I found a good one, The Notebook. This movie makes me cry every time I watch it. When breakfast was ready, my dad brought out two plates and we ate on the couch, watching The Notebook. It’s funny that he watches it with me considering it’s a chick flick, but he does, every time. I finished eating and got comfy, eventually I started to fall asleep and I felt my dad put a warm, fuzzy blanket over me, and I doze off.
    I woke up around noon, so I decided to make some lunch. I made a yummy grilled turkey sandwich with toasted bread, my favorite. Then, after I ate I decided to finish up my history project, so it was ready to hand it in tomorrow. I needed to think after that, needed a little fresh air, so I decided to go for a walk. I just walked, let my feet take me where they wanted to go. I ended up standing in front of what looked like an old abandoned house on a dirt road. I looked at the house in curiosity. There was something about that house that made me have a weird feeling, something that wasn’t quite right.
    I felt a tap on my shoulder and I jumped around. What I saw was my worst nightmare. It was him, standing right in front of me with a mischievous almost teasing look in his eyes.
“Excuse me, Miss, can I help you?” he asked
“Y-you.” I stammered, slowly backing up.
“Yes, I didn’t think that you remembered me. I’ve been waiting for this day for over 17 years.” He said to me like I owed him something, like it was my fault he was a psycho path, causing me to stumble back wards a little. I blinked and he was gone, I wanted to get out of here. Fast.
    I started walking back and I saw my best friend Toby, so I waved. He walked over to where I was.
“Hey Jenn, how are you doing?” He asked me looking concerned.
“I’m okay.” I lied and I could tell he knew I was lying but he just let it go. Then I saw him again leaning up against a tree behind Toby. He saw me looking and followed my gaze.
“What are you looking at?” He asked and I ignored his question.
    The man began to speak, “Jennifer, I promise I wont hurt you.”
“Get away from me.”
“Jennifer, please it’s ok, you won’t even remember a thing.”
“Jenn, who are you talking to?” Toby asked, “You’re kind of scaring me.”
“Him, he’s right behind you!” I cried. Tears started to flowing down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop them, they just kept coming one after another. Toby turned around to look, then back at me.
“Nobody’s there.”
“Yes there is. He’s right behind you.” I practically screamed at Toby still bawling my eyes out. The man started walking closer, so I reached in my pocket for my knife and I held my grip on it.
“You’re a killer, you killed my mother, and you want to kill me, not this time.” I said to him as I plunged my knife into his throat. I closed my eyes and when I opened then, I couldn’t believe what I saw, it just couldn’t be real. The man was gone, but Toby. Toby was dead, he lied there lifeless with a knife, wait no not just a knife, but my knife plunged into his throat. How could I have killed my very own best friend? He was all I had left, I guess I don’t have anyone now. I must’ve blacked out or something because I don’t remember much after that.
When I woke up I was in an enclosed room. I was laying on a small bed with a metal frame. There was a window next to the bed and a small table on the other side. The door opened, it was metal with a small rectangular window. A nurse came in and seeing that I was awake, put down a tray of food on the table for me.

“Where am I? I asked her.
“A mental institution, Mrs. Rogers will be with you soon,” and with that she left. Great, I thought. They think I’m crazy, well I did kill my best friend. But I swore that knife went into the throat of the man who killed my mother.
    Within five minutes, a lady who I assumed to be Mrs. Rogers, came in through the door. She had a pen and a notebook with her and she took a seat in the chir next to my bed.
“So Jennifer, what do you remember?” She asked me.
“I remember everything, I remember it all now.”
“Good. That’s a start.
“I guess.”
“Ok, now can you tell me, why did you kill your best friend?”
“ I didn’t see him as the one I killed, I thought I was killing the man. The man who killed my mother 3 years ago.”
“ Hmm ok, but Jennifer here’s the thing, 3 years ago you’re mother wasn’t murdered, she committed suicide under a dark alley, you even told the authorities that yourself, right after it happened.”
“See, that’s where you’re wrong again, my mother didn’t commit suicide, she loved her life, she didn’t kill herself. I did.” I told Mrs. Rogers, and she looked at me in shock and I just looked out the window knowing there was no way out, I might as well tell the entire truth especially since now it’s the one I believe now. So there it is, now you have it. The truth revealed.    


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