Silenced Lips

They say the higher you climb, the harder you fall...... Falling in love for the first time is life changing, falling out of love, well it has its perks.

Being heart broken sucks, but not as much as her family past. Meet Hannah Maraz. Employee for the O2 arenas. What happens when she meets Zayn Malik?

Find out, reading Silenced Lips.


1. New Case

Hannahs P.O.V

The winter is harsh, especially when your in England. The streets at the supermarket and central downtown where filled with people of all ages. It is kinda crazy thinking that I live here with all these people.

Running across the street, I dodge oncoming traffic and other pedestrians to make it to work. Getting inside the warm lobby, the front desk clerk smiles warmly at me. "Good morning Selena." I smile, pushing my brown hair out of my face. "Goodmorning Hannah, how are you dear?" She asked. "You know, same as usual, anything new?" I asked. "Actually, Mr.Orton needs to see you, there is a early conference all this morning and I think they started without you." She frowns. "What room?" I start to panic. "Top floor, room 7, hurry and make and impression on the new comers." She smiled as I jogged into the elevator, hitting the button for floor 9. Looking in the mirror wall, I wish I chose something else for today.

I was wearing black skinny jeans with a black peat coat that stopped mid thigh. My vans where a pastel pink and my hair in a mesy but cute bum at the top of my head, random strands falling down and framing my face. My makeup was done lightly because of the cold wether and I had a pastle pink scarf to match mt shoes. My outfit looked cute, but not businessy. The ding of the elevator made me jump back to reality, walking out of the small room. Seeing some co-workers walk the hallway, I rush down to the last room, room 7.

The walls where glass, but steamed so you couldn't see inside, only the shadows of who where in there. I buzz the call button, making all the shadows freeze. My heart panicked as I drew attention. The glass door slid open, Mrs. Marz standing there with a look of dissatisfaction on her face. She always wore that ugly face and what I would pay for a new one to be painted on in undesirable. "Um, Selena said there is a conference call here, right now." I said in a small tone. "Yes, but where halfway through, Im assigning you to a new one. " Before she could shut the door on my face, the actual boss stopped her. "Maybe I should assign you a new one for being rude to Hannah." Mr. Orton said. A sigh of relief flushed my face. "Come in dear, meet the clients." He grabbed my arm, pulling me inside.

"As many can tell, this corporation is a billion dollar one, and only the finest are invited." He said as I stood at the front of the room. There where 5 love seats sat in front of me, each one accompanied by 5 boys. "Boys, this is Hannah Maraz. She is going to accompany us today, please make her feel at home." He said. A blush came to my face as each boy stood up, walking over to me. Could I say that they are the most handsome boys alive, ones to die for. But I was in fact still breathing.

"Im Niall, nice to meet ya." One blond one said, shaking my hand. "Liam." "Harry." "Zayn." "Im Louis!" The last boy screamed, making my bite my lip holding in my laugh. The boys took there seat, leaving me to stand. One boy scooted over, tapping the seat next to him. "Right there darling, sorry for such an early call, hope you can catch up." Mr.Orton said, pushing me gently. I took the seat by the boy in a white long sleeved shirt with black pants. His hair was jet black, his six o'clock beard already making me a puddled mess.

"I'm glad that management could allow such a meeting. I brought Hannah up today to help with your booking for the O2 arena,  and all the other ones in America, some new foundations in Canada. She is going to help you pick locations, as many as you want, along with stage ideas. Mrs. Maraz is going on a coffee run to, anything?" "I am?!" Her pink lipstick stuck on her teeth. "Yes." "One coffee please!" I smile at her, my glare sending daggers. After everyone was satisfied with everything, Mrs. Maraz left. "You know what to do Hannah, any trouble and Im a phone call away." He smile at me, leaving the room.

"Lets get this thing started!" I yell, standing up, raising my hands in the air.

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