Fate | a novel

Science Fiction, Romance, and Action


1. Chapter One: Protection

I run my fingers through the snow white spider webs. The flickering yellow light from my miniature flashlight shone on the walls filled with graffiti and the ceiling that wasn’t any better; dirt, dust and bugs hung from the barely noticeable sky. It felt like a never ending black hole. When I saw a dot of light from the end, I ran and when I finally reached it, I looked behind me to make sure no one was following me. Surely, no one was, but I did see everything clearer now with the neon blue lights radiating off the enormous metal doors I stood before. As I looked around, I saw everything I had when I first appeared in this place, but also multiple symbols all over the gray ruined walls. They looked like a cross or an x over an object. I could not completely tell what is was, let alone what it was to resemble.

I turned and stared at these massive metal doors. What could they possibly lead to? I tugged on a small handle, odd for such large doors, and nothing happened. I shrugged and figured that is was lock sensitive or there was some kind of code. What else was there to do then wait for daylight to hopefully seep through the other end of this thing- if there is another end. There must be another end, I thought. How else would I have gotten in here?

Suddenly, the floor began to shake. I glanced down with wide eyes to see the floor was breaking. I took a side and laid myself flat against the dirty wall as I shrieked in fear. I looked down at the floor that was now almost completely apart and I closed my eyes, praying these weren’t my last few seconds before I fell who knows how far to my death.

Then, I heard footsteps. They were running surprisingly fast, whoever it was, whatever it was, for being on the edge of their life. One of my arms grasped the rocky-textured wall, as the other shakily turned on the flashlight. I could now see a tall dark figure sprinting for its life. The person, I assumed, quickly got closer and I began to creep away, in fear he would ram me off the edge and into the hole. Why couldn’t I have jumped onto the ledge by the doors? Rather than dying a quite horrifying death, I could die of hunger, which I can’t imagine it would be much worse.

The masculine man was now just feet away from me and I took a moment from his quick running to observe his astonishing features. Green eyes, dirty blonde hair and black leather were all I was able to notice before he reached me.

“Hi. I don’t have time for an introduction right now, so I’ll have to explain what going on in a later matter. I am assuming you don’t know where you are, considering you wouldn’t let go of that wall for your life,” he glanced at my fingers clenching the piece of rock. He talked fast, but I was able to understand most things that were said. “But,” he paused and put his hand on mine. “You’re going to have to let it go because we have and adventure to go on to save your life.” As he said the last syllable in ‘life’ he used his muscly arms to pull me from my grip and we went down under the floor.


I woke up, foggy-eyed to the boy making a fire. The sparks went up and into the darkness. I didn’t seem to remember everything that happened. The last thing I recall is not hitting the ground. But where am I now then.  I remember him holding me in both arms the entire way down, but I can’t remember falling on a hard surface whatsoever.


“Good evening, miss?” My eyes adjusted to the bright fire now from being asleep. How long was I asleep? I realized he was asking a question and I crooked my head to him. I could now see his entire body sitting in front of the burning fire I could feel feet away. I was wrapped in a warm, plush cloth that covered my chest and all the way to my feet. I gently pulled this off, folded it, and laid it beside my jacket.

“I’m Claire, Claire Freemore. And you?” I said, making eye contact with him for the first time.

He chuckled and looked into the fire. “Why do you care about me?”

“Because you saved my life.” He glanced back up at me as my eyes glued to his.

“Babe, this is only the beginning. You’ve seen nothing compared to what I have.” He grabbed something out of his pocket and tossed it in his mouth. I ignored his cockiness and went on with my questions.

“So, what happened back there?”

“You mean up there,” He pointed to what I thought was the ceiling. It was pitch black, so there was no way I could tell for myself unless I went up there, which I wouldn’t want to set off another booby trap like that. “You pulled on the door, which set off their deadly trap. I’ve been here long enough to know.”

“Know what?” I said clueless.

“Rule number one: Always observe your surroundings before entering another world.” Another world? I thought. What does he mean another world?

“I did.”

“If you did, then why didn’t you see the button you stepped on when you were looking at the walls?” I ignored my stupidity and tried to change the subject to him.

“Were you stalking me?” I gasped and smirked under my acting.

“No,” He replied in all seriousness. “I was protecting you.”

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