'It only takes a second for the world to be brought to its knees; it only takes a second to save it'
There is more to life then what we see.
We will never know everything.


1. One

London, England, 2020

The snow fell softly, covering the city in a white blanket. There was a certain stillness- almost unnatural for a usually busy city. There were not many people and the streets were deserted. No shops were open and a few lights were on, but not many.

The effects of global warming. They were unexpected and harsh. It proved all scientists wrong.

It snowed non-stop, even in summer. It was now late August, and the sun was almost non-existent behind the dark clouds. It caused a faint glow over the city, ghostly and unwelcoming.

However, the snow was not cold at this time of the year. It was warm, as the air was hot so there were no need for thick woollen jumpers. It was surreal- no one could explain the modern-day world.

A boy walked across the silent city, the snow crunching under his sandals. He wore tattered black jeans and a stripy polo-neck. He had his hand stuffed deep inside his pockets, and he was whistling an old folk tune softly. He enjoyed the peace of what once was a vibrant city. He enjoyed the serenity and the time he got away from everything and everyone. He enjoyed not having earbuds glued to his ears like everyone else.

He liked having an escape from the modern day. He looked around him- with all the shops shut he felt like a boy from hundreds of years ago- without any technology. He hated it- it caused everyone to live in disbelief and it caused unhappiness and even death.

He looked up and stuck out his tongue, hoping to catch a snowflake. He did- and straight away he regretted it. The warm ice slipped down his throat and gave him a disgusting after taste. He shivered.

Suddenly his pocket vibrated. He sighed, irritated to have to come out of his own bubble. He picked the touch-screen mobile phone out of his pocket- he refused to have the modern-day earpieces like everyone else. He read the text, then turned around and headed back the way he came, like a ghost fading into the background.

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