You Dont Own Me

Okay so I had a challenge to write a frantic in under 2 days, so I did, but now I've done it I want to make it better, cos it was really bad.


1. Perfect

Faith Jacobs was a pretty girl, with long white hair and blue eyes, she was tall and skinny, and stronger than the average 14 year old, she didn't go to school but wasn't stupid, she hung out at the skate park with a giant of a boy named Bob Bryar, and her parents didn't care what she did or when she did it.

Zayn had called her perfect. It wasn't the same perfect as I was thinking though, He was looking for a toy, not a girlfriend, something he could mess with, fuck about and discard without care.

He had got hold of her number somehow and text her pretending to be a friend of a friend.They set up a trap in the park and Zayn said "all you have to do is steal her skateboard" So I obliged. and me and Louis walk casually over picked up her skateboard and ran, a few moments later and she jumped on my back and everything was a blur of ground and pain until Liam helped me up and we took her back the the van were Harry was waiting.

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