My Life as the Grim Reaper


1. Not-so-fun Job

 It was cold outside when I arrived to collect their souls. Small frozen fingers clutched one another. Their lips blue, and skin pale as the snow that covered the ground. They had died with their soft brown eyes open.

  It's not unusual to be afraid of me. I am Death after all, but I really do not see a point in you humans foolish attempts to avoid me. Honestly you can't escape the inevitable, you can't escape Death. So my advice to you now is not to run or hide, because when your time is here, I will be there as well. Pleasant isn't it? The idea of completely a unavoidable fate? Truthfully I am not the dark, evil  skeleton you imagine me to be, I am not depressed soul wrenching creature hell bent on the deaths of humanity. I didn't ask for this job.

 I have been in this lie of work for a very long time. As a matter a fact since the beginning of time. I have witnessed so many things. Wars erupt, natural disasters rip through places like a knife in butter, diseases infect nations. I watched it all in the shadows of the world waiting for when it's my turn to finish the job. I cannot lie, this is a fairly demoralizing job. In a miserable moment of weakness, I did shed a tear for those frozen fingered children, but my heart does not beat, my pump doesn't pump, and I do not need to breathe. That tear drop was like a human emotion that I cannot afford to feel. So as quickly as it fell, I pushed it aside and grabbed those frozen fingered kids, we flew up. Past the snow, and the clouds, I placed them among the stars. Where the most innocent beings belong.

My time has come again. I walk through the forest. The thick evergreens blocked out the sun slightly. The crisp dead leaves crunch under my feet. Despite what you may have heard, I only wear a cloak when it is cold out, and it was definitely cold. So my black cloak dragged across the frozen ground. The dead tree branches reached for me, almost like broken fingers, my hollow eyes leered through the forest, searching for the cabin in the woods.

I smelled the smoke before I saw the cabin. The pungent odor of singed pine wood drifted in the air. Traces of charred flesh hid among the scent. They were on fire, but I was coming, I will see them to the stars as well. I will make their suffering end.
Their names Ben and Josephine, they were children too, but in a different, but all the same wonderful way. She was 61, and he 65, they’d been married for 33 years. Ben was still alive, but his wife was dead. He wept for his wife.
It is not my job to save people. I didn’t save the frozen fingered kids, I didn’t save Josephine, and I cannot save Ben. I took his soul along with his wife’s. Despite what you may think, I didn’t kill Ben Smith. Well, physically I suppose rending his soul from his still-breathing body, but I know for a fact I saved that man. I know a world without his beloved wife is not one he would want to live in. I did Ben Smith a favor, even if you can’t see it. Now it's time to go.

I never get a break. No vacation, no day off. I never get a rest. I will never get a rest. I can’t die. I am bonded to this job, forever, and ever. I will always be needed. I will see new wars erupt. I will see tornados, hurricanes, and floods, rip apart this world. I will collect the souls from the wreckages, and the sickness. I will accumulate souls, every day, and every second of eternity. I cannot let a soul wander, and I will see you. When your ending comes, I will come too. I will take you up in my arms, and then you shall be among the stars. This is just another day in my life as the Grim Reaper.



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