The Girl With the Eyes

Star Swan has always been bullied. She is a troubled girl at the age of 18. She is different. She is considered a freak. This reason is because she has color changing eyes and fingernail. She has abusive parents who also think that she is a major freak. There is only one thing that keeps her alive and helps her block out her miserable life. That one thing is music. And what happens when her all time fave band goes to London? Unfortunately, Star doesn't have enough money to go. But her story starts. One Direction are running from crazed fans while Star is at her house. They happen to come across her house and they knock to ask for...( I'm not good at blurbs. SORRY!);-)


1. Characters


Star Swan:

Age: 18

Appearance; Eyes: They change color with her mood, but they are mainly grey, the color for when she is sad or hurt. Hair: Curly, brown hair that reaches her waist. Weight: 95 LB(from not eating much). Height: 5 in smaller than Harry Styles. Skin: Pale, white skin.

Hobbies; Hanging around her best friend, Lily Skater, singing(to herself), drawing, and listening to music.

History or her story; She has parents who hate her and a brother that lives in California, U.S.A. She has had only one friend in her entire life, Lily Skater. She is bullied all through life, and has never told anyone but Lily. She loves One Direction because they and Lily are the reason she lives, although she has never met them face to face.


Lily Skater:


Appearance: Eyes: Baby blue eyes. Hair: Jet black & straight hair that reaches to her waist. Weight: 135 lb. Height: 1 in taller than Star. Skin: Peachy colored skin

Hobbies: Same as Star but also including skating(in honor of her last name... weird huh?) and playing video games(such as Call of Duty)

History or her story: She gets bullied but not as harsh as Star. She ignores them with her sassy personality. She has parents that care for her.



Jessica Hearth


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