The Fault in Our Starts #Remake #Konkurrence

Hej, her er min udgave til The Fault In Our Stars konkurrencen. Har valgt opg. 3. - et one-shot inspireret af citatet "...I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." ONE-SHOTTET ER PÅ ENGELSK.


1. The Fault In Our Stars - Denmark Competition

The Fault in Our Stars – Remake; by Nimra Iqbal, Copenhagen, Denmark. Okay?

I really can't figure it out. Here we are, Gus and I, in my backyard; in a blanket fort. A Monday evening, two teenagers sit underneath the faded stars, a girl with cancer in her lungs, a boy with one leg. Throughout the weeks I've been hanging out with Gus, I haven't felt more alive than ever, even the time were I was cancer free couldn't beat the current feeling I had right now.

-”Hazel Grace” Augustus doesn't move his eyes from the stars above. I glance at him, not in a bad way, but in a very beautiful and desperate way too.


-”Hazel Grace, Hazel Grace... Have you ever thanked your parents for calling you that certain
name?” His eyes land on mine, and I begin laughing, a coughy laugh.

-”It's a name, Gus. It's doesn't define anything. I could have been named Susan or Catherine or even Margrethe.” It was Gus time to laugh now.
I still really can't figure it out, why would a guy as generous and handsome looking as Augustus Waters want to hangout with a girl who have read An Imperial Affliction several times and bad enough, have cancer. Gus must have seen the concern look on my face cause he went for my hand, a gently squeeze.

-”Should we go to bed, in our majestic blanket ford build by the very majestic prince.” Gus said, very proudly. In that moment my tiredness kick in and Gus and I went to sleep, beside each other, in the blanket ford, in my backyard.

As we lay down beside each other, Gus drew doodles on my back. It tickled at first, but now I'm starting to relax, something that I haven’t had time for, since this guy beside me now lived inside me.

Around midnight where I'm at the edge of falling asleep, Gus move over, put is mouth near my ear and whisper the words of comfort; "...I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."

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