The Midnight Beast Quiz

See how well you know The Midnight Beast and take this quiz. Answer in the comments.


1. Facts about TMB

1. What is Stef's full name?

A: Stefan Bob Jim Dave Abingdon

B: Stefan James Donald John Abingdon

C: Stefan John Donald James Abingdon


2. What is Dru's mum's name?

A: Karen

B: Sally

C: Diane


3. Who's mum runs the TMB shop?

A: Stef's

B: Dru's

C: Ash's


4. What was Ash's character in Eastenders called?

A: Ziggy

B: Zaggy

C: Zoggy


5. Who was the last member to join the band?

A: Dru

B: Stef

C: Ash



0/5: sort your self out mate! Don't even try and call yourself a fan!

1/5: well that's terrible!

2/5: that's bad

3/5: could be worse

4/5: pretty good but not perfect

5/5: perfect!








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