Our Last Goodbye

If you could do it all again, what would you say before your life changed forever?


1. Short Story

   Moments like this are what make you realise that everything you love is really temporary, that it truly can be washed away right in front of you all within the blink of an eye.  That is when you start to understand that nothing in this world lasts forever. 
   Standing here now with the chilling winter air seeping through the holes of my jacket, the clouds hiding the sun away adding to the eerie feeling all the more, I can see where I went wrong, what I could have done to prevent this. A tear began to fall down my cheek before I had a chance to stop it, forcing me to acknowledge the sadness that has pressed down on my chest since the day he walked out that door. Forcing me to acknowledge the fact that I will never have the pleasure of holding his warm body in my arms ever again, never feel his touch, never feel his breath against my neck as he leans in slowly to kiss me, sending chills down my body every time. 
   How much I miss him I will never be able to put into words, because that kind of emotion is not something that can be explained so easily. 
  The tear fell into my hand and on top of the locket I held, its golden case glistening as the tear fell to the side. 
  Knowing that without him I will have to face my demons by myself, only this time with a much larger burden to bear along with them. 
  The worst part of it all is when I wake up in the morning, those few moments where I forget about it all. He is still there by my side, wrapped up in the blankets that he stole from me while we were sleeping, blissfully unaware oh what he has done, his sleeping face looking angelic against the morning light. It's the moment that follows that, when I am fully aware of what has happened, that my heart begins to hurt all over again as much as the first day.
  I remember the day it happened, I had woken up with his arms wrapped around my waits, holding me so tightly that I had to forcefully pry myself away from his grip.
We had woken up so happy, so full of life. 
   He kissed me goodbye as he began his journey across the town to get to work, taking his time as he lingered through the house before he finally left, giving me once last glance before starting the car. 
  That was the last time I ever saw his face, the last time he ever held me, the last time I felt his lips on mine. 
  An hour later, I received a phone call that tore away every ounce of life I had within my body. 
  "There's been an accident - " A voice said from the other end, everything after that blurred together. The rest of the day was spent in a small hospital room, waiting to receive news on whether or not he had survived his car falling off the one bridge in the entire city. The one bridge in the city he took to work every day which was the home of the death of three people that day. 
  My beloved and a Mother and daughter, on their way to school for the last time. I don't know whose fault it is that their cars both found their way into each other, what caused them to connect to horribly that they both fell from the bridge, but it doesn't matter, having someone to blame wasn't going to change anything. 
  I cried and screamed and pleaded to God to give him back, but it was hopeless, nothing was going to bring him back to me. 
  The memory of that day burned so brightly in my mind at this current moment, as I stand before his grave on this cloudy day, pleading one last time for him to come back to me. 
  It stayed with me as I fell in tears to his grave stone and placed the locket at the base, opening it so that it showed our faces inside, one of the last pictures we had taken together. 
  After what seemed like an eternity of laying in the cold air, I gathered my strength and stood up from my love's grave, taking one last look at the locket, one last look at his face before I began to walk back to my car to go back to reality. As I stood there, looking at what was once my entire life, the clouds broke apart to reveal one ray of light which shone directly onto his grave site. I don't know it I would call it coincidence, or fate, but I believe that it was him, looking down on me, watching me as I cried, telling me that he was still here. 
   My Angel in the sky telling me that everything would be OK, if only my angel would fall and come back to me. 


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