baby be with me so happily


1. Chapter1:Immaturities(Prologue)

"HAROLD YOU ARE SO DEAD" I screamed looking at every page of my Scrap Book. He ruined it! How could he! I worked so hard on making it and now its all painted Orange. Gahhh I'm used to it. Harry never fails to irritate me. Its like his 'Talent'. Harry's like my annoying brother we live in the same house since we were kindergarden. Btw I'm Kaylee Evans. But people call me kaye for short. I have brown curly hair and babyblue eyes. I'm 17yrs old. Btw

Here's our story. My mom and his mom are like sisters they're super besties. My mom is a single parent. I never actually met my dad and I don't have any siblings. So its just me and mom. When harry's parents divorced. Our moms decided to just leave together so His mom was also my mom and my mom was also his mom and gemma,harry and I became siblings. But when Gemma was in highschool she had a scholarship in NewZealand she moved there and stays there until she finishes collage. Btw harold's room and my room are just a step away so he could easily sneak in. He used to steal my homeworks,essays and, projects and then he copies it bc we're in the same grade and he's also my classmate. So I'm really used to Harold.

"I'm Innocent Kaylee" He smiled sweetly yet sarcastically.

"Well fuck your innocence My dear Harold!" I Returned him a sweet smile. Pushed him. And walked away. I'm really pissed of right now. I wanted to slap him in the face. But its kin'a my fault KIND'A

Harry doesn't really do things like that unless I also did 'SomeThing' really bad to him. Last wee I sneaked into his Room and lets just say I 'BORROWED' his phone without permission and then I texted his so called 'Girl Friend' Nasty thins like 'Hey babe I just realized Your Nose is the size of jupiter' 'Your ass Doesn't really look good its like a rotted Squishy bum' and 'Why did I even like you?' Nasty right? Its because I was so pissed with that girl. She Always glares at me and one time she 'Accidentally' spilled juice on my new dress. She doesn't know who she's messing with. So when me and Harold arrived at school a bitch slap welcomed harry's Face. She showed all the text messages he sent her. Then harry said that his phone was missing then he looked at me viciously. And I think he already knew who sent it.

So This is what I get we're like immature Teens we always want to get even with each other.

I went back in my room. And looked at my scrapbook again. I just made this scrap book last month its about. My favorite boy band. Harry hates them he always say that he's better than them. Thu! In his dreams. Oh well This scrap book belongs to the trash now.

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