You, Me and Her

Katie is 17 years old, her mom is always busy, her father works 72 hours a week, when he isn't drink so she is on her own. Everything is fine until she comes home to police officers


1. Us

"What can I do about it" I needed to know before the principal was involved

"I'm not sure you can do anything, it's your dad's fault!" Answer her best friend, Emily.

"Ya, but I have to do something, if I'm forced to leave my dad I will literally be homeless."

At that moment DCF walked in the room, and asked to speak with Katie alone.

"Mrs. Karamanlis, you need to tell me the truth, what has happened with your mother, and why doesn't you father answer my calls" asked the lady with a green dress on. Really she was beautiful, she had long flowing brown hair, with a thin toned body, I don't know why she picked this as her job.

"honestly my mom works all the time. As for my dad, he is most likely at home, passed out from his last night fun."

"I'm sorry about your mother, but what do you mean by your father?"

"I mean he is an alcoholic, but it's fine, he isn't mean to me, he hasn't hurt me, and he is all I have, so please don't take me away from him!"

"I technically can't do that because you turn 18 tomorrow, so after that it is you choice for what you do. Thank you, that is all"

I walked out to find my two best friends waiting for me, Emily and Jack. Immediately they ran to me and asked what happened, I just told them "The lady said I can do whatever I want because I turn 18 tomorrow."

"That's right! We are going to a bitchen party for you!" Jack told me for the 20th time.

"I already told you, I don't have a boyfriend, my only friends are you guys, I don't want a party"

"I don't really care" Emily can be a brat. But I knew that we would be at this stupid party

Emily and Jack are really the most amazing friends, I have known Emily since we were 4, and Jack since we were 7. Two years ago he told us he was gay, and it never hurt our relationship.

"Katie, Katie?!"

"Sorry Jack, what?"

"Look at the new guy, he is all kinds of cute;)"

"Wow he is" He had short brown hair, and blue eyes, he stood in the corner or the hall, just waiting for the bell to ring. He is wearing a blue tight shirt and lose blue jeans, I could already tell The Slut would be on him.

The Slut is Karen, she has literally hooked up with all 126 guys in our grade, even Jack hooked up with her at last years Christmas party, and he is gay! She has slept with all guys, football players, nerds, geeks, baseball guys, lacrosse players, the swim team. She has also slept with girls, on the cheer squad, I only know that because Emily is a cheerleader, and The Slut asked her. Emily laughed in her face, I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, class is about to start, "Emily, we got to go, we have been late to math four times this month, and if we are late again me have to go to Saturday school."

"I'm coming, I'm coming, you know I don't even understand why we have to understand how to find the circumference of a circle, or trig ratios, and what about proofs?"

"I know, I know, you tell me every single day, see ya later Jack. Tell me if you have any classes with the new guy."

"You know I will"

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