You, Me and Her

Katie is 17 years old, her mom is always busy, her father works 72 hours a week, when he isn't drink so she is on her own. Everything is fine until she comes home to police officers


2. The new guy

"Oh my goodness, we are going to have to run!" I almost screamed as  ran, grabbing Emily's arm.

"I am not going to mess my hair up for some stupid algebraic equation!"

We ran in about ten seconds before the bell rang, I sat in my seat and noticed that next to me was to new boy we saw this morning, huh maybe I would get to know him better. I don't know, The Slut hasn't had a chance to "claim" him.

"Hey, I'm sorry, this is my first day. I'm Matt, is there any chance you could help me decode this schedule, I have no idea where my next class is." He ran his hand through his beautiful brown hair, I can't believe how gorgeous he looks. Now that I notice his blue eyes are glittering in the light from the window.

"Uhh, ya, sure, of course. Well obviously you have first hour math, and second English with Mr. Jacobs. Then third you have PE with oo sorry, you got Mrs. Tanner. She is brutally mean, good luck with her class! And finally you have Spanish three with Mrs. Kelly. Do you want me to write this down?"

"That would be awesome, do I have any other classes with you or some of your friends?"

"Actually yes, you have Math with me and Emily, you have English with me, PE with Jack, and Spanish with both me and Jack."

"Great, maybe could I sit with you at lunch because I know no body?"

"Sure" I am so happy he was actually asking to sit and hang out with me and my friends, but probably by the end of the day, he would be with The Slut and her group of shores.

"People, people, come on. We have to get class started, are we ready, today we are going to practice all the forms of..." I just stop listening to everything, I am just way to excited that Matt wanted to talk to me.


Matt's POV

This math is so boring and stupid, and I can't even concentrate. I want to her name, I guess its good I have three of my four classes. Maybe when I go to lunch she will flirt with me? Hopefully she likes me, this is going really good. Oh my Fricke god, I'm still staring at her, LOOK AWAY! I wonder how Kylie is doing at school today, I don't know how mom and dad thought she could still be okay after what happened. I still can't believe she slept with the guy, then made us move here after she got pregnant. I am not dealing with that, when she delivered that baby, and asked my mother to take care of her made me sick. I just wonder who is going to adopt my niece. Whatever, I have to worry about myself, not Kylie. Here we go, lets focus on her and math, but mostly her.

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